Monsters, Ghosts & Goblins

We’re going to be treated to another Halloween Party Tuesday night. It’s a hearty goodbye to those guys. You know, the ones who’ve been Trick or Treating us for a long time. I think its more the Tricks. We’ve seen allot of those in the last two years. The voters are not only taking your masks off, we’re ripping them off.

I don’t know about you guys but most of the people I talk to are REALLY *&^^%$ off. I’ve never seen anything like this and I’ve been around a bit. They’re are a few die hards but after talking to them, their IQ’s are under 80. My head hurts to talk to them.

Most of those democrat tricksters are running on the “Personal Attack” platform. Everytime they go after one of our guys I send money to them I live in CA and one of our senators is the one and only Barbara “Don’t Call me Ma’m” Boxer. She doesn’t have a singe thing to show for 28 years… nothing but bloodsucking. I’d be ashamed of myself if my grandkids asked me what I did for all those years and all I had to tell them was I sucked the life out of my fellow citizens.

I’m not sayin’ just because we’re putting a bunch of conservatives in office I’m jumpin’ for joy. Most of whats going on in these elections is we’re dumping democrats not just electing Repulicans. It’s pretty easy putting out a conservative message when that’s what we want to hear. I’m listening though and I ain’t getting tricked this time. No more “we fooled ’em again.”

I like Boehner and allot of the republican leadership but they’re career politicians too. That’s like having an alcholic with the key to the liquer cabinet. The sligtest thing might get them back into their old ways. Look what Cantor said a few days ago.. “We will not shut government down”  Oh really, aren’t you readin’ the “Tea Leaves?” He’s got the key in the lock of the liquer cabinet already. No Eric, that’s not what we want. We want this garbage stopped and if that means shutting down the government then SHUT IT DOWN. If you guys have each other in a headlock the better for us.

We kicked *** in ’94  only to watch our guys turn into Tricksters. They got to Washington and allot of them went right to those cocktail partys slapping those libs on the back, reaching across the aisle and wanting to get along. The only thing I want you guys to reach accross the aisle for is to verbally slap the **** out of them.

Yea, I’m just fed up. Allot of folks are. You guys getting elected, you’re on probation and I won’t think twice about firing you. I hope you guys are reading what we’re saying. The Halloween party is over.