Why Are We so Afraid?

This is the most afraid I’ve been in my life for our country. I believe we’re watching the literal shredding of our way of life, our country, our founding fathers beliefs and our constitution.  Never, in our history, have we had a leftest radical of this magnitude as our president. Some would disagree and mention FDR. Yes, he was a leftest who enacted a plethora of social programs set up with good intentions but started the government take over of our liberty. He did, however, stabilize the country in a time of need and fought two wars. But this is an argument for another time.
This is not the ‘hope and change’ we expected. Of course, I knew where we were headed but that’s irrelevant. Lets look at where we are. 10% unemployment, three trillion dollars added to the budget deficit for just one year and no end is in sight. This President has spent more than all of our presidents combined including George Bush. He spent a little over 787 billion dollars on a stimulus package that produced nothing. Most of It went to prop up city and state budget deficits, of which the same deficits have reappeard. Our grand kids are going to pay dearly, their kids and their kids and their kids are still going to pay. A health care bill that guts 500 billion from medicare to begin paying for it. The taxes for this program will begin this January with the implementation 2019. We know it’s a transfer of wealth from the folks that work to the folks that don’t. It’s driving up costs already. Major company’s like Boeing and McDonald’s are already asking for waivers because their rates both are now and will sky rocket in the future. Ask the Brits and the Canadians about  their failing systems.  Service is going to decrease. It adds an additional 12 million people to the health care system meaning a shortage of doctors. The United States intelligentsia made fun and chastised Sarah Palin’s portrayal of “Death Panels” However, she’s right. As us old folks age, our cases will be reviewed by government committees. Please take a look at these links. Pay considerable attention to link two ‘National Health Care Medicine in Germany…’

His administration is suing Arizona who wants to protect it’s borders as Arizonin’s  are getting shot and killed buy the major drug caertels.  Czar’s that circumvent the Congressional vetting process. Two scary Supreme Count nominations; Sotomayer who says a wise Latina knows more about discrimination than whites. Kagen  who threw the ROTC off Harvard’s campus.  Not shining examples of judicial thought. Bowing to leaders of China and Saudi Arabia. Reaching out to radical Muslims bent on our destruction, betraying Israel, our stanchest alley, in the process. Constantly blaming Bush after Obama’s been in office for two years. Having his Justice Department drop the voter intimidation charges against the Black Panthers that was a slam dunk. One of them, King Samir Shabazz, said black people should be ‘killin’ crackers’. Quote “I can’t wait for the day that they’re all dead. I won’t be completely happy until I see our people free and Whitey dead.” “When you have 10 brothers in uniform, suited and booted and ready for war, white folks know these niggas ain’t their niggas. We kick white folks asses. We take it right to the cracker.”
“We’re going to keep putting our foot up the white man’s ass until they understand completely. We want freedom, justice and mutha[expletive]‘ equality. Period. If you ain’t gonna give it to us, mutha[expletive], we’re gonna take it, in the name of freedom.
Mr. Obama does not “get” the US. He wasn’t born and raised here. Both his father Barack Obama Sr. and his step father Lolo Soetero were Muslims.  Later in Lolo’s life he embraced capitalism which caused his mother, who by the way was a committed communist, to leave him.
I’m very afraid of what is happening to our country. I will do any and all to stop this man, his administration and the liberal congress. This is not what our founding fathers wanted or even dreamed of.
Obama’s Czars from Michele Malkins’ book Culture of Corruption:
Energy Czar Carol Browner, currently rumored to be his next chief of staff. On her last day as the Clinton’s EPA chief … Browner oversaw the destruction of agency computer files in … violation of a federals judges order requiring the agency to preserve its records.
Urban Czar Adolfo Carrion … took tens of thousands of dollars in donations from the real estate firms just before and after … developers snagged lucrative deals or or crucial zoning changes for their projects he was to vote on.
Health Czar Nancy Deparle. In 2006 and 2007 …collected at least $3.5 millions in fees for the sale and awards of stock from heath care businesses whose business with likely fall under her jurisdiction.
Auto Czar Steve “Chooch” Rattner. Was a money manager at the Wall Street investment fund, Quadrangle Group. Engineered  a deal with his friend David Loglisci deputy comptroller of New York from the New York State Retirement Fund to produce .. a low budget comedy called “Chooch” which parlayed into a $100 million investment into Quadrangle
Technology Czar Viveck Kundra. Convicted of a misdemeanor theft.
And the best of them all  was White House environment adviser Van Jones. Jones said the Bush Administration ” may indeed have allowed 9/11 to happen, perhaps as a pretext to war.”
Yes, I’m afraid for our country. But, come November 2nd we’ll be begin the process of righting a listing ship. It’s safe for me to say there’s no middle of the road. That’s where we get run over.