RedState [i]nfluenced too much by public perceptions[.] [copy-edited.]

[I don’t mind in the slightest suggestions – or complaints – that RedState is color-blind when it comes to good candidates: but dammit, proofread before you make them.. – Moe Lane]

One thing I have noticed on Red State is that this site has gone out of its way to pick ethnically di[]verse candidates. The RedState founders seem to b[u]y into the liberal media’s definition of the Republican party and will jump blindly at a candidate [- just] as long as they are not just another white guy from the South. Nikki Haley[?] [A]re you kidding me[?] There are three Republicans in the race that are real conservatives and ready to lead South Carolina. Michael Williams is a fine guy, but he end[s] up being a J.C. Watts and apologizing for Conservatism and refuse[s] to criticize Obama. A.G. Abbott is fantastic and may be better than Cornyn and you want a wild card because he breaks the media’s perception of Republicans. If we become influenced by the liberal media’s perception of us than we have already lost. Honestly Nikki Haley is no Henry McMaster or Greshaham Barrett. McMaster is ready [to] lead and is a true fighter against the Liberals that we hate so much. Greg Abbott could [be] as good as Jeff Sessions on the Judiciary Committee[,] and would be the strongest and best candidate the GOP could field. Marco Rubio is the only on the bunch that I support and I believe him to be a strong conservative that will destroy Meek[s] by more than 20 points and may one day end up president of the United States of America.