Glenn Beck and CPAC are both frauds!

David Keene is a rotten man and a true whore. It is people like David Keene that have really hurt the republican party. Keene’s stench reminds me of Bob Livingston at best and Jack Abramoff worst. Keene does not value real conservative principles and wants a corporate conservatives that will be in lockstep with lobbyists in the continued selling out of America. NAFTA and CAFTA, contractor abuses, outsourcing, bad energy policy, and flawed national security are the result of letting lobbyists like Keene co-opt conservatives and even poison the true believes in the conservative cause. It does not surprise me that Keene openly endorses a fraud and non-conservative like Mitt Romney. The Republican party will be a permanent minority party if we allow corporate conservatives to annoint frauds like Mitt Romney. David Keene and Mitt Romney dream of ways to sell out America and even conservatism in the process. They are devoid faith and nationalism. We need an America first president and not another secular globalist. Secular globalists like CPAC’s masters are the true frauds.

I like Glenn Beck most of the time and I believe that he is at his best when he is more like Michael Savage and Ron Paul than like Rush Limbaugh. The Beck I like would not do CPAC, he would rail against David Keene and the lobbyists that put it together. Sarah Palin was wise to turn down CPAC. She is the real deal and a person of principle and purpose. Beck accepting CPAC proves him to be a foolish opportunist with desires of being Rush Limbaugh’s heir as the voice of the Republican party. Glenn Beck, who I think has the best show on Television has betrayed his image by agreeing to CPAC. Beck’s insurrection against a still unprincipled republican party and so called Conservative movement can be seen as nothing more than a farce. Beck is not the Independent Conservative he claims to be and is looking a true huckster. I have not been this disappointed in a conservative, since I discovered Mike Huckabee was a fraud. We don’t need another Republican Gunga Din.

Lobbying grew out of the progressive movement as Glenn Beck is proud to deride on an almost daily basis and his willingness to be the keynote speaker at the lobbyist run CPAC has helped make him not only a hypocrits, but a fraud as well.