After a Scott Brown Victory: Obama and the Democrats in the Bunker!

It is January 19, 2010 and the Democratic Party and their dear leader’s nightmares are realized after an articulate, smart, and fresh candidate hit the Massachusetts like two a-bombs. State senator Brown has just become U.S. Senator Brown. The effects of this are not just the Death of National health-care, but a complete collapsing of the socialist agenda. Obama emerges from his bunker shaken with a full-head of gray hair looking years old than his his picture on the Drudge Report. The vanquished Obama attempts an outreach toward Republicans after a month long trip to the crazy house, but the media reports Hawaii. Cap and tax and national healthcare are abandoned and a tidal wave of Democrat retirements in both houses are announced. Democrats brace for loses of both houses in November. The Republican party finally wakes up and fights for every senate seat even in the Northeast. Let’s make this a Reality!