The No No Nanny, Gun Control, and the AG Race in Virginia

It’s election day in Virginia.  In a very few short hours, Virginians will be at the polls casting ballots.

Multiple dairies have been posted on this site about the race for Governor, however, one race that has been more muted, is that of Attorney General.

State Senator Mark Obenshain is the Republican candidate for the Office of Attorney General and it seems he has quite a few people on the other side of the aisle nervous including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

In an article on Politico Big Gulp Mike is making this a referendum on his PAC’s vision of gun control and crime all the while, taking on the NRA.

In a last ditch effort to get a Democrat into the Attorney General’s office for the first time since the early 90’s, the Mayor has dumped $1 million dollars for a very misleading ad against Mark.

At the end of the ad targeting Obenshain, the line is “Virginia needs an Attorney General who cracks down on real criminals.”

Yes we do and that is one of the many reasons Mark Obenshain should be Virginia’s next Attorney General.

Marke has been endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police which represents more that 7,500 men and women in law enforcement.

He has also been endorsed by 59 Sheriffs and 57 Commonwealth’s Attorneys – Democrats, Independents and Republicans.

Before removing endorsements from his website, Mayor Mike’s guy, Mark Herring listed a whopping 6 Sheriffs and 9 Commonwealth’s Attorneys endorsements.

You don’t think Mark Obenshain is prepared enough, Mr. Bloomberg?  How about this:

Early in Obenshain’s career in the state senate, he partnered with Commonwealth Attorneys to expand multijurisdiction grand juries to cover gang violence.

In addition, he sponsored legislation to expand the scope of mutijurisdiction grand juries to cover a broad range of violent crimes.  That legislation passed unanimously through both chambers.

Obenshain has sponsored legislation on protecting families from abusive spouses; mandatory life sentences for child predators, and has continually pushed for laws to combat human trafficking and abuse.

So the No No Nanny of New York doesn’t like our gun control laws in Virginia and thinks we need someone who will focus on cracking down or real criminals.

I think we have the right guy in the race, Mike – and his name is Mark Obenshain.