Leader of The Free World On Sale For Only $5

The Obama campaign recently launched a new campaign contribution shtick – win dinner with the President.  For a mere $5.00 contribution, your name could be entered into a raffle to win free air fare and a meal with Obama.  Sadly, I chalked it up to yet another hair-brained scheme similar to AttackWatch.  Just another misstep on the part of liberals not understanding (or ignoring)  the decorum of the Presidency.

I was appalled but not surprised.  I expect very little from this President and he never fails to meet my expectations.

Then it happened.  Mitt Romney introduced a spend a day with Mitt on the campaign trail fundraiser.   However with Mitt, you can enter without donating and in all fairness, I couldn’t see where he would pay for any of your expenses, it still smacks of cheapening the office of the Presidency.

This is the President of the United States, the leader of the free world not some PTA bake sale.  When, on our side, did we go from  being a public servant to being a celebrity?  What’s next?  Win a date with Ron Paul?

Here’s a news flash – I don’t want to have dinner or hang out with you.  I don’t want to know if  you burp after you eat.

I want you to lead.

I want you to be one of those great people who understand that it is not just me but millions of Americans that are looking to you for strength, resolve and determination and leadership.  Your friendship isn’t important to me – your ability to get this country out of a mess is.  I want you to be strong enough to make the tough calls – can you really do that if you want to be my buddy?

Perhaps it is just me.  I come from a military household.  The line between officers and enlisted is drawn and drawn for a reason.  It is difficult to lead someone who is your pal and even more difficult to send them into harms way.

Regardless, the win a date with Obama/Romney is a cheap gimmick not deserving of the highest office in this country.  Both of them should be ashamed of trying to be celebritians.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to write a check for $10 to Lindsay Lohan’s campaign fund.