The Big Red Wall

We have watched the steady creep of Northern Virginia liberalism slowly come to our county line.  With this, comes those that wish to diminish the integrity of the ballot.  They have hit the Big Red Wall.

The Big Red Wall consists of poll observation volunteers from the local Republican committee, the John Adams Patriots, and conservatives who no longer will sit around waiting to see what happens.  They realize that action is required and we are training them.  We call our program The Ballot Integrity program affectionately known as the Big Red Wall.  Our job is to watch and report during the election day. 

Observers will record initial machine readings, watch for electioneering, observe voter check in and ballot counts.  At the end of the voting day, final machine readings will recorded and we have a stellar representative for the final count at the Registrar’s office.  Cell phones are or will be loaded with the Voter Fraud app.  We have phone numbers programmed, palm cards with important information such as our phone numbers, the RPV number, etc. along with recent changes to Virginia’s election laws and any pertinent information that might be needed during the day.  They have been training to work with election officials inside the precincts.  Each volunteer has check in times to coordinate with me giving an overall observation of the day.  We are ready. 

The Big Red Wall is there to help ensure ballot integrity and to help stop those who wish to hijack this (or any other) election.  What surprises me is the response to this program and how it reflects the desire of people to be engaged.  Prior to 2008, I couldn’t get enough volunteers to do poll watching if I had set my hair on fire and promised free trips to Aruba.  They didn’t engage. 

This year it is another story.  We have all of our precincts covered with floater volunteers during the day.  Today, we are expecting at least 30 more people at my house to receive final training and pick up packets.  Last night I got a call from one of our volunteers asking for 10 packets for people who couldn’t make the training.

I salute these patriots.  I celebrate their engagement and I celebrate their willingness to keep the voting honest.  Almost everyone of them has committed to additional training every quarter through November 2012.

We have built the Big Red Wall at our county line.  Those who wish to “play” with the vote can’t go through us and can’t crawl over us.  We’re here to stay.