Why I fight

In six days I, like millions of others, will be heading to the polls to vote.  While active in politics, I have never been more active than I have been for the last 18 months.  I have engaged and I fight. 

I fight for my grandparents who left Eastern Europe and a comfortable life to give their children more.  They came through Ellis Island, listing their jobs as house maid and cobbler to begin their lives here.  They knew the potential and they worked as hard as they could to make a good life for their family.  One better than they had in Europe.

I fight for my Father.  An admirer of John Kennedy and a old fashion Democrat until he saw the Carter years.  He started voting for the most fiscally conservative candidate and never looked back.  All he wanted was his children to be able to grow and prosper.  He held those dreams until he drew his last breath.

I fight for my Mother.  A strong woman now in her sunset years.  I don’t want a death panel deciding if she has the right to live.  I don’t want the government regulating and controlling any of her heart treatments.  I want her and her doctors to decide the quality of her life.

I fight for my children.  I want the two youngest to grow up free from government control of their lives.  I want them to understand what freedom truly means.  I want them to never to fear speaking up.  I want them to always have their voices heard.  I fight so that their futures will not be placed in a chokehold by run away government spending.  I want them to always understand the phrase “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.  I want them proud to be Americans.   I want my two oldest to always feel the gratitude when they answered the call to colors so early in their lives.  They put their young lives on hold to fight in a theater so others may be free.

I fight for my husband.  He has always believed in honor, courage, commitment.  I want him to know that I have always admired his service and the sacrifices he made to keep this nation safe.  I will always fight to keep that ideal alive.

I fight for my sister and my best friend Cheryl.  Both breast cancer survivors, I never want the government deciding their treatments or their drugs are too costly.  I fight for their choice of treatments and I fight for them to always have options.

I fight and will continue to fight for the right to be self governing and free from government interference.  I will fight to keep the integrity of the ballot box.  I will fight to elect representatives who govern from the conscious of their constituency not backroom deals for personal power.  I will fight to keep them honest once elected.

In six days, I plant a symbolic flag in this fight.  My vote.