The space between a rock and a hard place

Dear Blue Dog Democrats,

You have a vote coming up. Think about it carefully before you decide because your political future is going to be riding on it.

Normally, I stay out of Congressional races outside of my district. I figure that those issues impact those whose finances and lives are within said districts. Not any more. You see, your “yes” vote is going to impact me. I will be paying for those in your district and in my opinion, that gives me fair dinkum to come in and help out Congressional candidates opposing your point of view. Your “yes” vote will impact my life and the lives of my children. I think it’s only fair if you get to decide the financial future and freedom of my children, I can give a hand to help decide who gets to sit in your office and your chair on the Hill.

Here’s the thing that you may not be counting on. While I may be an everyman, I am legion. I have many friends who feel the same way I do. We have worked hard, stashed some money and have a bit of a flexible schedule. We can take some time off, head to your district, walk and make phone calls for your challenger. We can send money to whomever we get behind to unseat you and most importantly, we won’t forget the carnage you are wrecking on our children. We will work to unseat you and we will win.

We worked extremely hard to get Bob McDonnell, Ken Cuccinelli, and Bill Bolling elected along with picking up an additional 6 seats in the VA legislature. We know how to organize and we know how to work. Usually, we just work around Virginia but you have made it very near and dear to our hearts that you be referred to as “former Congressman”.

You have failed to listen to the hundreds of thousands of emails, phone calls and faxes. You ignored the protests that have taken place over the past year. You have, instead, chosen to be led around on a leash by a Speaker that would throw you under a bus faster that you could blink.

So I just wanted you to get familiar with the space between a rock and a hard place because that is where you are. How you chose to react is up to you.

See you in November.