Golf Balls and Soldiers

While searching for the cost of a new driver for my husband this morning, I came across an October 26, 2009 Politico piece that stated that Obama has played 24 rounds of golf since taking up residency in the White House. That is a lot of golf.

On November 6th, Obama visited Walter Reed Hospital and the AP reported:

The president met with 19 soldiers being treated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, as well as the families of three soldiers in intensive care, and hospital staff. He also awarded two Purple Hearts.

19 soliders, 3 families and 2 purple hearts – 24 actions. The coincidental occurrence of the 24 stuck with me.

There is a huge time difference between the two “24”s though.

Assuming that Obama uses one golf ball per round, he has interacted with 24 golf balls since taking office. Given the average round of golf is 4 hours and assuming one golf ball per round, Mr. Obama has devoted four hours of his time to each golf ball.

While the AP and other media outlets were in a tither that Obama spent nearly two hours with wounded soldiers, families, staff and awarded two Purple Hearts, the reality of the time is a sad statement in comparison.

Breaking down the numbers by using the President’s schedule found here, and adding 25 minutes to equate to “nearly two hours” (in the interest of fairness, he did extend his originally scheduled visit of 1 hour and 25 minutes to approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes), one can assume the following

1 hour and 50 minutes = 110 minutes

24 actions (meeting with 19 soldiers, 3 families, awarding 2 Purple Hearts)

110/24 = 4.58333 minutes per interaction.

So, a golfball in this administration receives 4 hours or 240 minutes of the President’s devoted attention while the soldiers, their actions and their families receive less than 5 minutes each on average.

I am in favor of some recreational time for the leader of the free world and CinC of our military but I am disturbed by the lack of priorities that have been exhibited by this administration. When a golf ball received more attention than a wounded soldier, there is a disconnect gone wildly wrong and unchecked.

Less time on the golf course, Mr. President, and more time on the course of the country.