Distant Thunder

In Joseph Addison’s 1713 Cato: A Tragedy in Five Acts, there is a profound quote found in Act i, Scene 1:

“Is there not some chosen curse, some hidden thunder in the stores of heaven, red with uncommon wrath, to blast the man who owes his greatness to his country’s ruin!”

If you are not familiar with Addison’s Cato, the theme is statesman’s honor, preserving it above all else. Addison’s impact on the founding fathers can felt throughout, especially Washington. It is an insight into the protection of a republic by those who vow to guarantee its continuation and a very good snapshot on the influence of this thinking, which allowed our early leaders to resist the temptations of power.

In recent years, we have gone through the motions and got caught up in the mantra of elect ability. We have allowed consultants, the media, and the other side to dictate who and what our candidates will be and for what they will stand. The government representatives that we have elected are more interested in getting along than standing for the principles needed to ensure the republic’s continuation. We have begun a very fast slide towards socialism.

Since 2006 and along with the current administration, there has been a chokehold on this country. What has been accomplished, what has been done, what has changed? They point out, with the help of a salivating media, faults, failures and stumbles of the Republicans still blaming everything on President Bush. Even our own leadership fails to answer these charges instead allows a deafening silence. There is neither accountability nor leadership on either side.

It is now time for the Republican leadership to stand up and fight. There is no honor in forsaking your principles to get along. It is time to take your oath seriously and cast spinelessness aside. It is time for the honor of a statesman. Your leadership is being watched – carefully. Sadly, I do not believe it will happen.

The good news is, the people are starting to get weary of this. The recent TEA parties across the nation provided a snapshot of the courage of the every man to say enough. The media coverage (and lack thereof), the Astroturf comments from Nancy Pelosi, the President being “unaware” has been heard by the taxpayers funding the frivolity of this administration and breaking the financial backs of generations to come. The arrogance has been noted and it is understood.

The every man is tired of the politics of politics. We elected you to preserve our constitution and Republic and so far, you have failed. The tea parties are just beginning and will continue because we have lost faith in your abilities to do your job.

The quote itself stands on its own. Is there not some thunder from heaven for those who seek to ruin our country?

The answer is yes and it is we. The distant thunder you hear is us and we are getting louder.