We The People are getting mighty ticked off

What began as a random thought and an offhand comment on a forum, has taken root.  In a discussion, someone mentioned Martin Luther’s act of protest at the Diet of Worms and the impact of nailing his 96 theses to that door.  It changed history.

This observation was then followed by “what if we taped a copy of the constitution on the courthouse door”?  And so it began.

This question has evolved into an exercise of free speech scheduled for September 17, 2009 – Constitution Day.

On that day, many of us will be gathering at the steps of our local courthouse and we will tape up a copy of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to the door of the courthouse.  Each of us will hold a simple sign that reads “We the People”.  Unlike most protests though, we will not be speaking.  Across our mouths will be a piece of tape and written on each piece tape will be Section/Article/Clause of the Constitution that has been violated by our elected leaders.  (I figure by September, we are going to need a large crowd.)  The tape is to symbolize the silencing of the voices of the people.

We plan to have written materials outlining the violations, hopefully, pocket Constitutions and information on how to become involved. 

I have already had some surprising phone calls from people that want to take part. 

Wish us well.