Confessions of a lawn sign stealer

An interesting post at the Patriot Room via Conservababes.com. A hat tip to princetrumpet.

October 31st, 2008 at 8:16 am Confessions of a Lawn Sign Stealer » by Bill Dupray in: Courts, Crime & Punishment, Democrats, Election Okay. It’s time to play a little pile-on-the-jackass. This smug sonofabitch is a professor who admits to stealing lawn signs. His name is PHIL BUSSE.

Self-described Thief and Tresspasser, PHIL BUSSE

Highway 19 is a busy six-mile stretch of meandering road that links to main interstate artery in southeast Minnesota. More interestingly, the road connects rural, and often conservative, Minnesota to the liberal college town of Northfield. Rolling through pumpkin patches and apple orchids, the highway is postcard beautiful. This summer and autumn it was speckled with McCain signs, their cobalt blue squarely set against the gold and red of fall foliage.

By early October, however, there were no McCain-Palin campaign signs on the eastbound stretch of Highway 19. It wasn’t because loyalties had switched, but because I pulled them out.

So what does Mr. Busse do for a living? He’s a visiting professor at St. Olaf College.

If I were paying tuition for a student at St. Olaf, I would ask for a refund.

Again, full article here.