Would we get what we deserve?

There have been comments here that should Obama win, we will get what we deserve. I think that is very far from the truth.

I have had the privilege of living and visiting all over the country. I have found that the majority of people are generous and warm and giving. We give to charities, we give to churches, we give of our time.

We give of our treasure. We send our young to war, not to conquer but to give to people the liberties that we enjoy so freely.

When a disaster strikes a community, a state, a nation, we are first in line to help with donations of food, clothing, blood, our time and our prayers. There is a fundamental compassion that lives in the majority of us.

We have a faith in our nation and its fundamental foundations. While it saddens me that most people have never read the Constitution, I believe they have an innate understanding of its principles.

We are also a trusting nation. We elect people to office with the faith that they will represent our wishes and needs. We trust them to do the right thing. We believe in our system of a democratic republic. We have given them the public trust to either hold or defile, the choice to do either lies solely within their hands.

We trusted in the press to be objective. We believed that the media would provide a fair and balanced accounting of the pros and cons of candidates and the elected officials that serve this country not have an agenda to curry favor or to have their choice of candidates promoted.

This giving and this trust, I believe, makes voters naive not lazy or stupid. We want to believe, we want to trust and we want what is best for the country. We go about our daily lives, working, raising families and being who we are. We cast votes for people that are suppose to be watching out for our interests and those of our country.

In this election cycle, we are facing a unprecedented storm of conflict. We have a media pushing a candidate, yet the media was the trusted source of views, we have a socialist who is softly cooing to the American public that he will make it better and aided and abetted by the same media and we have part of the American public that want to believe that they will be sending the best to govern us. It is the clever hope gimmick and the media consistently resonates that off key song.

Do I think Obama will win? No, the American public is coming out of its trusting slumber and waking up to the bias of the media, the pandering of the left and I believe that the American public is starting to see how far off the ideals of this country Obama truly is.

If Obama does win does America get what she deserves? No. America deserves much better.