Why Forty Years Ago Matters

I am not a child of the 60s. In fact, I am around the same age as Obama. I played with Lincoln Logs while the Weather Underground declared war on the US. I was unaware of the extent of the radicalism that permeated the minds and actions of the 60s radicals.

Barack Obama stated that why should it matter what happened 40 years ago when he was 8. However, it does matter, it matters a great deal, especially now since we are suppose to be grown up and most of us are raising children.

I started reading up on the Weather Underground. While I am nowhere near an expert on the subject, the one thing I can tell you, I found few apologies for their declaration of war or the bombings that destroyed property and lives. In fact, what I did find causes me concern because these radicals have mainstreamed into education and children services in America.

Kathy Wilkerson – She apologized for the Weathermen’s tactics but not her radical politics. She now trains math teachers.

Mark Rudd – He stated that while he believes their goal to end the war was justified, and that while their Karx Marx-inspired understanding of the history of U.S. imperialism was valid, the violence they perpetrated performed pursuing the goal of overthrow was wrong. He was a instructor of Mathematics at Central Mexico Community College before retiring.

Bernadine Dohrn – One of the most prominent of the Weathermen group, Bernadine Dohrn now is Director and Founder of the Children and Family Justice Center. The Justice Center as a matter of course, routinely and aggressively opposes “get tough” crime laws. In 1998, Obama voted no against a bill that that would make it a criminal offense for convicted offenders, either on bail or probation to have contact with street gangs. In 1999, Obama voted present on mandating adult prosecution to aggrevated discharge of firearms near schools. He reiterated opposition for serious juevenile criminals to have adult trials. This falls directly in line with the positions of both Dohrn and William Ayers.

Ms. Dohrn still views herself as a radical.

William Ayers – He is described as a Early Childhood Education theorist and is a Distinquished Professor at the University of Illinois College of Education. Mr. Ayres has stated that he felt the Weather Underground did not do enough and that tactics such as using bombs is not out of the realm of possibility now.

Jeff Jones – Now a media consultant and campaign strategist, his client list includes Healthy Schools Network and Time Out for Testing. While he felt the guerilla tactics used by the Weathermen had run its course, I can find no apologies for the tactics (or the outcome) themselves.

Mike Klonsky – Runs a blog for education and social justice on the Obama site and was also involved in education. In fact, Mr. Klonsky received $175,000 from the Obama led Annaberg Challenge to run Small Schools Workshop. Mr. Klonsky was probably the most hardline Maoists from the Weatherman days. I want to point out that as late as 1981, Mr. Klonsky traveled to China and was honored with elaborate state dinners.

These are just a few of the members of Weathermen group. All dating back to 30/40 years ago. What is becoming apparent is that they are still radicals and as I stated early, make little or no apologies for the actions that caused death and destruction in an attempt to overthrow the government.

What is nerve jangling is that it seems that the role that these people have taken on in their lives revolves around the young and education.

I cannot help returning the Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto – one of the tenants of Marxism is to educate the young to conform minds to the new ideology.

So yes, what happened forty years ago does matter.