May The Force Be With You

I have had some interesting conversations with Republicans and conservatives, reminiscent of the Star Wars Trilogy. While they emphatically state they are going to vote, they follow with “ I have a bad feeling about this.” My question is “well, what are you going to do about it?”

If you have a bad feeling about a future event, then you have the potential to shape the outcome now.

While it is paramount that each of us gets to the polls and vote, it is also imperative that we do everything within our power to provide accurate information to, engage, and empower other voters.

Talk to your neighbors, your friends, someone in the checkout line at the grocery store. Call McCain headquarters and volunteer a day, an hour, or whatever time you have to help the campaign. Sign up to make calls from your home. Stuff envelopes, go to rallies, write letters to the editor, call a radio station, do ANYTHING, but do not just sit there.

On Election Day, hold a brunch for your neighbors and all of you head to the polls together. Offer shuttle services to voters who might need a ride, call your family and friends, and harangue them about getting to the polls. Host an election return party with admission being “I voted” sticker on guests shirts.

It is not our actions that will cause failure, but our inactions that will allow it.

Use the force, Luke.