2 Ideas

I have two brainstorming ideas, in which case, will grow Conservatism in the medium term. Both of which have little to do w/ one another:

First, create a freeware and open source tax addendum (to the most popular software programs (Gietner uses one for example)) where people can download the program it would tell the person PRECISELY where their money goes.

For example,

Joe Blow made 40,000 this year.
Joe Blow pays Federal taxes of 8,000 this year and it went towards THIS:
Mosquito sex (x)
You, Joe Blow, paid social security percentage (x)
California bailout (x)
entitlement programs (x^6)

Joe Blow paid local taxes of 2,000 this year. and it went towards THIS:
Roads (-x)
Bureaucracy (x^2)

The programmers don’t even have to be fantastic. RedState, for example, could recruit upon college campuses the Comp Sci folks in return for resume material.


Second, College campus saturation. The education in this country, I think we’d all agree, is overrun with the left. However, most college classes are open. Let’s found a day where we all freely ‘sit in’ on their classes en masse until either a.) they change their lefty policy and direction or b.) their hand is forced and they out right make an admission that their school is dictated by a singular ideology (which will cost them financially)-colleges are businesses today.

Just a couple of quick ideas-feedback welcome. Tell me I’m full of crap, if need be. I’m a Conservative, although I hurt, my feelings won’t be.

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