I just wanted to write a quick blurb about “The General Will of the People”:

As Americans sail upon dark choppy financial waters and galvanize inside the crucible of struggle towards socialism, they are allowing the subtle framing of their voices amongst world opinion.

Youtube as a marketing tool & the Recovery.gov feedback are fallacies in solutions to the American journey forward.

The most disturbing part of this approach to “leadership” is that it is acclaimed and declared as important insight into ‘the General Will of the People” by the Obama administration-by consensus.

It’s essentially a world wide pop culture poll. Youtube videos are ranked by world wide opinion. Americans, obviously outnumbered in such large picture thinking extrapolations and subversive manipulations, are suddenly defined by such opinions and ultimately diminished in their conclusions-of which American administration decisions are based upon.

Will Recovery.gov allow only American citizen input? Or will it also allow Putin’s,  Ahmadinejad’s and American death row inmate’s input as well? The very fact that it’s an announcement on Youtube lends logically that we all know the answer.

When this administration, in the near future, references the input it gets from recovery.gov as reasons why it dictates policy, will it be the American people’s voice or these guys?: