My Two Cents About The First GOP Debate

Last night’s CNN televised GOP debate is now in the can. Depending on who you ask, Cain won, Bachmann won, whatever. Regardless, CNN lost. Between John King’s relentless grunting and the stupid “this or that?” questions, and the morning after caption, CNN proved themselves the true water boys of the state run media.

For me, no one was the shiny standout. They all have their issues – warts and scabby places that will eventually be revealed for all of America to see and judge. But last night, they introduced themselves and their ideas in such a way as to not dissolve into a pack of fighting, rabid dogs. The press was dying for a fight and they didn’t get one. John King even goaded Pawlenty a bit, but to his credit, Tim didn’t take the bait. What we saw last night was a unified front, even if for just a moment.

Everyone on that stage, with the exception of John King, knows that for this country to survive, Obama must be a one-term President.

I respect them all for their restraint, especially when it would have been so easy to attack one another in the ‘gotcha’ format CNN was promoting.

So there.

Cross-posted at Obi’s Sister.

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