I See Swastikas

Nancy Pelosi continues to prove she is completely out of touch with Americans. She doesn’t see the electorate – she sees scary Nazi brown-shirts following mystical orders from evil corporations. Oh wait, only the POTUS gives out marching orders like that.

Police break up “conversations” at a peaceable town-hall. What’s next – riot gear and tear gas? Will the canisters have glittery HopeNChange stickers? Elizabeth has an idea:

You know who could put a stop to the bad feelings arising in this country? President Obama, who is supposed to be the leadership. Just as Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton backed off when they realized America was not into having their Healthcare taken over by the government, Obama could say, “you know, I’m moving kind of fast here, maybe we’ll shelve this for a while and concentrate more on putting people back to work, which is urgent.”

Such a move would be an instant assist to the nation Obama is supposed to be passionate about protecting, preserving and above-all SERVING. It would also mean instant restoration of his fast-fading credibility. Think he’ll do it? Nah.

Funny, isn’t it, that less than a year ago Nancy didn’t mind these swastikas?


Ever the peacemaker, our Gracious Won is rolling out labor union thugs on the town hall attendees. I can just see Guido in an ACORN shirt yanking Grannie’s walker out from under her because she dared asked a question of her Congressman. The MSM will brand her a fringe-element bomb-maker with the magic SS tattoo in a naughty place, thus justifying the blatant fascist squashing of free speech and freedom of assembly.

Lefties think they can get away with anything, especially if it’s made-up (read them all).

The great thing about being a Democrat is that no one can accuse you of not having standards.

And finally, hot off the press, Woody has top-secret intel on the first Obamacare medical device on the market. Really.

UPDATE: Donald Douglas lasers in on the Left’s FEAR. You can almost smell it!


She is an immensely stupid woman. Not only is her claim that people are “carrying swastika” standards into these town meetings absurd on its face, but her implication is even more absurd: Bear in mind she thinks the proof these protesters are hired by astroturf firms is that they’re carrying swastikas.

Right. When you hire a bunch of people to pose as ordinary citizens at town halls, of course you give them giant swastikas to carry in on their shoulders. So they’ll blend in.

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