The Walpin Cover-up

Or IG-Gate, for short. THE money shots:

Stacy: “The AmeriCorps IG scandal is the sort of Nixonian evil that sends people to prison prison.”

Michelle: “If Obama keeps up with this “change,” we’ll be back to the Watergate era by Christmas.”

Ed: “This is nothing more than a bare-knuckled smear job, a despicable attempt to use allegations of mental illness to discredit someone who ran afoul of Barack Obama for taking the independence of his job seriously. That may play in Chicago, and it used to play in Moscow, but it shouldn’t play in Washington DC and America.”

Fausta: (Speaking of dementia…) “How about Murtha, and Ted Kennedy, and by the way, how old is Nancy Pelosi?”

John: “…Obama fired him without giving a reason other than his supposed lack of “fullest confidence” in Walpin. This certainly violated the spirit, and may have violated the letter of the 2008 Inspectors General Reform Act, which Obama co-sponsored. (I think it probably did.) This is classic Obama–ignoring a statute which he himself had sponsored just a year earlier.”

The cover-up is always worse than the crime. Follow this story closely, especially how the issue of POTUS violating US law is handled and the involvement of the First Lady.

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