The Big Hiss

The market has made known its feelings about an Obama presidency. Can you hear the Big Hiss? Yesterday was the first “up” day since the election results were announced. We’ll see if the market can sustain its feeble attempt at optimism for at least one day. Since the MSM and Democrats are always so quick to blame Bush and “8 failed years” for any market movement, me, my retirement account and I, wish to heartily blame the incoming administration the over 10% additional loss in market value – just since the election! At this rate, taking out what few dollars I have left and stowing them under the mattress looks pretty good!

I’m not the only one seeing cracks in Obama’s shiny finish already – before he even sits in the Oval Office. Stephen Green has a great article up at PJM on Obama’s Very Bad Start. Go read the whole thing.

It seems like our president-elect is keeping himself busy picking unnecessary fights.

To me, it appears that Obama is having trouble keeping the lid on his true colors. He needs to learn as POTUS, his responsibility is now the American people. All of them, not just his base. If he can’t wrap his Harvard-educated brain around that, then we are in big trouble.

True, the Republicans did blow the election for many, many reasons that won’t be covered here. Those reasons are covered by others with more insight than me. The Washington shark tank has lost touch with reality. And its constituents. And the founding principles of this country. And even its neighbors and allies.

As Stephen said

So it’s true — Obama really is bringing people together. He’s bringing them together … against Barack Obama. While it’s true that Republicans got off on the wrong foot this week and last, so did Obama. And if he keeps it up, then the Republicans might not be the minority party for too very much longer.

Many grassroot initiatives are beginning even now. Stay tuned for more.

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