Welcome to the Dark Side

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Welcome back my friends to the show that never endsWe’re so glad you could attendCome inside! Come inside!(Emerson, Lake & Palmer – out of the fog of my youth)

You know, I just can’t make this stuff up. Really. I couldn’t if I tried.

Head down work-wise, so there isn’t a lot of time to pay attention outside my little cube. But the news of the last few days is just horrific. Not the news from the talking heads, mind you, because they are stuck in an endless loop spewing ObamaLove. No, I’m talking about the citizen army of bloggers who keep their fingers on the pulse of America and the news we need to hear.

Congress prepared to tuck tail and run….Reid, “no one knows what to do.” Hmmmm. Interesting, isn’t it, that Dems are the first project blame on the Bush administration, when they had an opportunity years ago to help establish market oversight guidelines, but REFUSED. Five years ago.

However, what many do not recall is that Bush wanted to tighten oversight with a new regulatory board for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and other government recipients for the express purpose of addressing bad loan practices — and Democrats blocked it…. This should have been a no-brainer, right? With hindsight, we can see that the Bush administration had accurately diagnosed the problem in the lending market and had a plan to address it. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reluctantly supported the plan. However, Democrats objected…[…] Sounds a little like the Democratic denial of problems in Social Security, doesn’t it? […] It was the Bush administration that wanted to rein in the madness in the credit markets, and the Democrats who wanted to extend the Clinton policies that created the crisis we have now. After the fit hit the shan, as Michelle says, these same Democrats want to shift blame back to the administration that wanted to increase oversight and curtail risk in lending practices while reducing patronage at the giant GSEs.

These very same Democrats, who vamoosed off to high-carbon-footprint vacationland this summer, while defiant Republicans remained in Washington to try to get some media attention on the gas crisis. If you weren’t on the internet, what was the likelihood you’d even hear much about that? Or that Madame Pelsoi tried to shut down the spontaneous eruption of patriotism, repeatedly? (Now remember the endless loop of ObamaLove. Only a hard re-boot can stop that).

These very same Democrats, who allow their psychotic BushHatred to cloud their judgment to the point of pushing this country’s financial markets to the brink of disaster. They cannot comprehend they deserve part of the blame for this mess.

These very same Democrats, who talk out of both sides of their mouths when it comes to corruption in government.

Obama is so far off message now, he needs a GPS to find his way back.

We’re used to the Self-Proclaimed Messiah lying. You won’t see much, if any at all, of that on the networks. They’ll tidy it up for him. Now he’s going after media outlets that dare to differ and telling his crazies to get in people’s faces and argue. We all know how leftist crazies argue.

Yep, a bunch of hysterical Obama cultists and ACORN riff-raff knocking on your door to shout Kossack talking points in your faces, accuse you of racism, call you unpatriotic for not bowing down and forking over more taxes to keep the Mother Ship afloat, and maybe threaten to hack your e-mail, too.

And there you go, the latest sleaze-attack, just when you thought the sleaze couldn’t get any sleazier.

Forget shutting down radio stations, let’s go after some real dirt.

And excuse me, but aren’t the people on the left the ones who have been telling us – without basis – for the last 8 years that “evil nazi Bush” has been “intruding into people’s private correspondences” and that this (if it were happening) would be a bad thing? Can the hypocrisy get any thicker? First Palin is “not a woman”, and “not the mother of her baby,” and all the rest of the looney tunes stuff…now, she is not an American entitled to her privacy? Is she associating with known terrorists? Is that why she was invaded?This is the step too far that we all knew the left would take. It’s going to backfire on them spectacularly. No reasonable person, and certainly no centrist or independent type, is going to think that this was relevant, or fair, or the way to play the game.If Obama doesn’t do some serious damage control, very quickly: game over. These idiots have just brought Sarah Palin enormous sympathy. Now, people don’t just empathize with her, they don’t just “understand” who she is…now, they’ll want to PROTECT her. Stupid, stupid, stupid move. And unethical. And immoral.I wonder what Olbermann and Matthews and Mitchell and the rest will say about it? They’ll probably try to talk about the content of the emails, and get away from the fact that this woman’s privacy, and her family’s has been seriously penetrated. I mean, that’s what the Dems did when someone leaked a memo from the intel committee discussing how to take down Bush via Iraq. The press spouted outraged at the leak, ignored the content. This time, they’ll try to take umbrage at the content, and ignore the leak.If newscasters are people with children and private families, and in fact, they are, then they should be horrified by this, not gleeful.

It’s all in the intent. According to Michelle Malkin , it was one person, not the usual army of idiots. But still, the damage is done. Little did Palin know the demagoguery her family would be subjected to when she accepted this honor. And yes, I believe it is an honor to be asked to represent your country, at any level. AND, I bet most of America is stunned by how low this campaign has sunk.

RightPundit has more…

According to an internet security expert located in San Francisco, Gabriel Ramuglia, the Palin email hackers were careless and left a digital trail. That trail leads directly to a server site in Chicago which happens to be the city where all of Obama’s men plot their daily moves. Mr. Ramuglia says that their electronic signature will be easily obtained from the server logs at that site.Mere coincidence or more Obama dirty tricks? Nobody can say yet but we will all know soon.And why is that?Those familiar with the FBI understand that they take their time with criminal cases. The FBI methodically develops their evidence over a long period of data gathering, only bringing criminal indictments when they feel there is an overwhelming case. Many cases are dropped or drag on in secret for years because the FBI prizes a high conviction rate.Not so with the Secret Service which has taken over from the FBI in this case. The Secret Service has one primary mission, which is to protect the individuals under their watch. Their mission is not just physical protection but privacy protection as well. They report directly to the Department of Homeland Security under a no-nonsense director named Michael Chertoff, a Bush political appointee.Gawker Media published the private emails of a vice presidential candidate under Secret Service protection. Right Pundits wonders if our friends at Gawker understand the stakes. We would not be surprised if their servers are seized within the week and that the individuals responsible are arrested for election tampering. The Secret Service does not dick around with evidence building. They act to protect their subjects.

The AP, willing publisher of several of the items, refuses to cooperate. Of course, why would they? That’s not in the daily script sent over from Obama HQ.

Over at RedState, Moe, as usual, hits the nail on the head. And Thomas reminds the hacker(s) that the prison they are “headed for isn’t one with conjugal visits”.

The intrusion into Sarah Palin’s email inbox was not merely a scummy invasion of privacy. It was also almost certainly a federal crime, one that the FBI and Secret Service are investigating. (And the Secret Service tends to look at this sort of thing … personally.) This isn’t merely part of “politics ain’t beanbag,” it’s criminal. And anyone encouraging these criminals or utilizing the fruits of their crimes is tossing in with the criminals. I think we’ll see in the next couple of days which side the media and Obama’s campaign (but I repeat myself) stand on.And guys? All that time being scared of John Ashcroft all those years ago? This time, it’s for real. Game on, cretins.

Cretins, indeed.

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