Democratic Mudslinging for Fun and Pleasure

My, my, my. After the long weekend in the sun at the soccer tournament a half tank of gas away (x 4, 2 round-trips), it appears that my brain isn’t the only thing that’s baked. If the Democrats keep up this despicable muckery, then the election WILL be over before the first fake absentee is cast.

So let’s play a little game… a word game. First, put on your dusty SAT hat and complete the following sentence :A fork is to food as a Democrat is to ___.

Take your time. Now drag out the old thesaurus and look up a couple of words. You know, words you might use in a descriptive sentence regarding Democrats’ behavior the last couple of days.While you’re looking, I suggest going over to The Anchoress’ place. She has thoughtfully organized all of her excellent Palin posts linked into one Super-sized Irish Mama thrashing, for your reading pleasure. While you’re done, check out Ace. He has smoked the morons with decidedly stronger language than our genteel Blog Mother. Definitely. Just pick any of a number of posts. (Possibly NSFW, if you have those snoopy filter things or you object to the F-word, even when flame-thrown at deserving Democrats.)

Had time to look up your words? Let’c compare and contrast. The words I looked up (thinking exclusively of the Democrat’s evilness of the last few days) were:

Aghast synonyms: appalled, astounded, dismayed, horrified, horror-struck, shocked, startled, stunned, stupified.

Mortify synonyms: abase, embarrass, humiliate, reporess, shame, torment.

Appalling synonyms: awful, dire, dreadful, frightful, gross, outraged, shocking, terrible, ghastly, horrendous.

Ghastly synonyms: grim, hideous, horrible, horrid, lurid.

By the way, the definition of ghastly is “shockingly repellent.”

Pretty much defines these douchebags in my book.

By the way, if you haven’t heard, Obama’s camp started it all. Bottom-feeders who will say anything because they cannot envision their universe without The Messiah. So much so, they now threaten a race war if Obama loses. I hope to the Heavens above that as this information gets out – it will sink his ship for good.

But back to the game. How did you do? Leave me some words, especially if you think of any more deservingly dastardly than these.

Now… for MY answer to the SAT question above…

A fork is to food as a Democrat is to MANURE.

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