Biden: The Jokes Will Write Themselves

Joe Biden? Really? Hilarity ensues…

Obama, he of the hidden Chicago thuggery politics, empty suit and padded resume…but marketing himself as the Grand Poobah of Change and the self-styled Savior of America, picks Joe Biden for his running mate? Joe Biden really sends a message of Change, there, Obamatrixypooh. Biden reeks of pol-i-tics-as-usual. Not to mention, he is known for talking and talking and talking; he just can’t shut up. And don’t forget about his self-proclaimed “my brain is bigger than yours” conceit. For the moment at least, McCain’s campaign to win just got easier. A lot easier.

Like I said, the jokes will write themselves. Keep the tissues handy. Your liberal Democrat friends will think it is because you’re sad; knowing your man has lost before the first vote is even cast. But you know it is because you’re LYAO 24/7.

Fausta has her usual great round-up, complete with donuts.

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