Owens to Vacation With Obama


THIS JUST IN – Sources are saying that Congressman Owens (D-Plattsburgh) will be joining President Obama on his three week, $4 million vacation, courtesy of the American taxpayers…I am still waiting confirmation but will update as soon as possible.

In the meantime, a quick observation –

With four weeks left before we fly over the “fiscal cliff”, Mr. Owens has stayed true to his standard operating procedure; aloof.

The latest comments coming from the Congressman regarding fiscal responsibility, or lack thereof, can be found on his House website. It would appear as though Mr. Owens would like to fly under the radar when on this issue.

In his characteristically broad and politically vague statement, he calls for a combination of revenue increases and spending cuts. He mentions his 2011 vote for the Budget Control Act and his discretionary spending cuts worth $63 billion between 2012 and 2013.

Fast forward to this month – Speaker Boehner offered to concede a tax hike on families earning 250k or more. The President countered with a proposal that includes $1.6 trillion in new taxes and spending, and only $400 billion in spending cuts. This proposal means for every additional $4 spent, our government will cut $1.

The President and Mr. Owens share a common misconception. They fail to understand that our government does not have a tax revenue problem; rather it has a spending problem. Furthermore, they refuse to accept the fact that it is mathematically impossible to tax our way out of $16 trillion in debt. In fact, the government would have to tax the top brackets over 100% in order to close our future deficit.

But that’s not all the President and Mr. Owens have in common.

Aside from the fact that the President’s proposal would further destroy our economy and the private sector, the President failed to include any kind of entitlement reform. Currently, the United States holds $86 trillion in unfunded liabilities. These liabilities cannot be ignored, and must be addressed immediately.

Likewise, Mr. Owens continues to kick the can down the road. He’d rather enjoy the lavish lifestyle as a Washington insider than make the hard decisions that will provide for a better future. Should Mr. Owens take a moment to address the fiscal cliff, he will not stress the need for entitlement reform. Instead he will ask people like himself, to pay just a little more in taxes, and all of our fiscal woes will be solved. (Updated 12/3/2012)

FALSE ALARM – My sources have confirmed that Mr. Owens will NOT be joining the President on his vacation.

In fact, I am being told that the Congressman has been on vacation since his election in 2009…