Too Many Promises

Who does Senator Obama think he is? Apologizing for America in Germany should have been political suicide for th young senator. The transfer of the last night of the convention to a bigger facility for his inflated opinion of himself was one thing. The lights and the fireworks and the dramatic music for his acceptance speech was another. But the shopping list of promises he is making tops the charts. He’s saying anything and everything he thinks will get him votes. The night of Michelle’s speech when he was in Kansas City was outrageous. I can’t believe he was in some poor family’s living room talking to America, or at least whoever had nothing better to do than listen to her “I’m Actually Proud of America, I Promise, For Real” speech. Answer me this Mr. Obama, how exactly will you be providing lower taxes for %95 percent of the middle class and still find a way to invest $150+ billion on renewable energy? Or pay for a “world-class education” for everyone “K-College”? How would you finance “healthcare for all Americans” and still lower taxes? Or fix our “recession”? If the answer sounds a little bit like the standard “No more tax breaks for the rich and Big Oil, and give to the poor” the money just isn’t there. Obama must believe he truly is the best thing for America since sliced bread. Obama’s a classic Democrat. Big Government. Big Taxes. Big Spending. Big Rhetoric.