Media vs. McCain: Love Affair Ends as Media Finds Replacement Obama

Media vs. McCain: Love Affair Ends as Media Finds Replacement, Obama

Whenever you tell liberals that there is a media bias, they usually deny it and then turn to old faithful, “what about Fox News?” Well, if that’s the only example you can come up with, then that sort of proves the point. Then there is part 2, “what about talk radio?” Of course, talk radio is dominated by conservative pundits, but do you ever wonder why? The majority of listeners are people listening at work, and it’s hard to be a liberal when you see all of your hard earned tax dollars sifted away paycheck after paycheck on government programs that don’t work, only to be used on “new” terribly designed programs to fix the old inefficient programs that the government instituted in the first place. In any case, ceding Fox News and talk radio, let’s take a look at media in the tank for liberals:

Newspapers: NY Times, LA Times, and the list goes on and on, including most major foreign sourcesMajor Networks: CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, BBCHollywoodAcademia, though it’s not traditional media, it is published wide and far throughout every university. For those who make the claim the universities are not liberal, I wonder how far left they are to think that leftist professors are rightist.

What you see is a complete domination of most sources of media, excluding radio of course. Oh, and liberals do have plans for talk radio! The “Fairness Doctrine” will even out liberals’ complete inability to compete in a free market system against their conservative/libertarian rivals. Of course, this will all be legislated. It is way too important for liberals to quash dissent to leave it up to the free market. Curiously, the doctrine won’t touch their traditional allies.

The recent DNC coverage was a prime example of just how in the tank the liberal networks are, having difficulties to not gush and fawn over the Messiah. When Bill Maher has to point out how embarrassing MSNBC’s coverage was, then you know how liberally biased news has become:

Now, the media, who used to be fond of the Maverick, John McCain, have turned on him. The media won’t look into Obama’s past relations with William Ayers, Tony Rezko, Reverend Wright, and countless others or Joe Biden’s lobbyist connections (including his own son being rewarded by Obama with $3.4 million in earmarks). Also the media took years to swing into action on the John Edwards’ scandal with their unbiased coveraged. But give Sarah Palin two days as a Vice Presidential candidate on the Republican ticket and the smears were on. First, they attacked her experience, forgetting how absurd their position was, because Palin and Obama are at worst equally experienced or inexperienced. Palin has at least run something. Obama has, well, shady past associates, but, res assured, he never really knew them. Next, the media goes after Palin’s daughter, which Bill Bennett and others have called them on:

The worst thing about these attacks is it came from a media who supposedly cares more about the privacy of women than “evil” conservatives. And you wonder why John McCain is fed up with the media?

The point is that while John McCain was a thorn in Republicans’ side as the Maverick, the media loved him. When he started running up against the liberal Messiah, the One from Hope and Change, Illinois, the game changed, and the media turned on him. The betrayal of John McCain has forced the liberal media to show their cards, and they are brazenly doing so.

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