Video: Bill Bennett Revolts Against CNN's Coverage of Palin's Daughter

Video: Bill Bennett Revolts Against CNN’s Coverage of Palin’s Daughter

In this video, Bill Bennett goes after CNN, and rightfully so. There is a time for discussion about birth control, abstinence, and the appropriate context for teaching either method in our schools. That debate is a worthy one, but bashing Sarah Palin and her daughter for apparent hypocrisy because Palin supports abstinence is unquestionably unworthy. In fact, it is quite disgusting to attack a philosophical approach to a problem by using someone’s private matters. Kudos to Bill Bennett. Here’s the video:As one can tell, liberals are confused about what to do. Should they attack Palin at the expense of their own “principles” of privacy or go all out to win this election? Their situation is laughable, because it highlights the hypocrisy of identity politics and why it’s such a risk to play that game. First, there was the treatment of Geraldine Ferraro, then Hillary Clinton, and now Sarah Palin. Think women won’t notice?

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