Rep. Debbie Wasserman: Palin is no Hillary

Rep. Debbie Wasserman: Palin is no Hillary

I recently ran across a video of Democrat Rep. Debbie Wasserman ripping Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin because she is not Hillary Clinton, which, to my mind and anyone believing in free markets, is a good thing. Hillary couldn’t win her supposed coronation from an inexperienced one-term Senator from Hope and Change, Illinois. How’s that for achievement. In any case, the media have to now show that Palin is no Hillary. Here’s the clip:

First of all, what is this 35 years of public service argument? Why do people continue to believe that this is a good thing? Wouldn’t you want a President to have actual executive experience, not just tag-along sidekick get cheated on experience? Maybe running a business, leading a sports team to a state championship, running a town, running a state? Leftists obviously don’t want someone who has free market experience, well, because you are more likely to be libertarian/conservative if you do.

Second, Wasserman claims that women won’t support Palin just because she allegedly has the same body parts as Hillary, an obvious reference to her gender. Actually, I agree with Wasserman. No one should vote for Hillary solely based on her genitalia. One should vote for her based on the issues. However, I do recognize that a lot of people out there vote for this very reason and even more trivial reasons. Curiously, this same argument applies to the Messiah as well. One should not vote for him simply as a result of his color just to have the first black President, in the same that someone shouldn’t vote against him based solely on his color because of racist views. One should vote for the One only after examining the issues. Nevertheless, big media are putting so much moral pressure on the population to vote for him for this very reason, and, oh my, if you don’t, then you’re obviously a racist. Now, given he is strongly socialist and anti-markets, most people valuing the change in their pockets simply will not vote for him, because that is all that will remain with his disastrous policy proposals. It’s not because they are racist. It’s a result of his poor choice of philosophy and associates. Oh, and fawning over a totalitarian regime in China doesn’t help either. That definitely shows a lack of judgment. In case, you missed his fawning, here’s a newer clip:

It’s official. China has nice stuff: smog, no free press, polluted rivers, desertification, no religious freedom (if you’re liberal, that might be okay), 40+% living on below $2 per day, prison camps. Yes, that is the model of the future under Barack. Does he realize how ridiculous his statements are? He might try going to China. I have, and, well, let’s just say “nice” is a very very relative term.

On a lighter note, Obama-Biden have made the Frosted Flakes cover:The Swamp

I thought liberals were mad at Michael Phelps for appearing on the box of such an unhealthy food. Go figure. They can but he can’t. Nope, that’s not hypocrisy.

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