Babygate: the Left Forces Palin's Daughter to Reveal Pregnancy

The Left is not called looney without ample reason. Recently leftist bloggers tried to claim that Sarah Palin’s recent pregnancy was faked to cover up for her daughter’s pregnancy. That would have meant that the down syndrome baby, Trig, was her daughter’s and not Sarah Palin’s. Oh, how the left would have jumped with glee had that been true, just like Democrats were happy when it found out hurricane Gustav was bearing down on the US at the time of the Republican National Convention. Isn’t it disgusting how the left makes political use of disastrous situations? They will stop at nothing to win an election. In any case, as Townhall points out in response to the picture exposing the alleged lie:

Not only is the DailyKos disgustingly inspecting Bristol’s midriff with all the fervor of LA paparazzi examining J-Lo’s or Jennifer Aniston’s washboard stomachs for evidence of a “bump,” the DailyKos is wrong on when the photo was taken. It was taken, and published, by the Anchorage Daily News in 2006. Baby Trig, a child with Down’s Syndrome, was born on April 18, 2008. That’s a long time for a teen girl to be carrying a “bump” which looks nothing more than the curve of a tight sweater.

Now, because the left is pressing the issue, Palin, to rebut the rumors, had to reveal to the world that her daughter, Bristol, 17 years old, is pregnant. As Palin herself stated:

“Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us with news that as parents we knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned. As Bristol faces the responsibilities of adulthood, she knows she has our unconditional love and support,” the Palins said.

The Palins asked the news media to respect the young couple’s privacy.First of all, compare that statement to Barack’s statements about his daughters being punished with a child at such an age:Will the Messiah come out and say that Palin is punishing her daughter with a baby, the point being that the daughter should have an abortion instead? I wouldn’t put it past him. The difference in philosophical approaches to birth is glaring. One side believes having a baby at any age is a blessing, even if it will be difficult to raise it. The other side sees birth as a burden and punishment, preferring to abort the “burden.” Even if the so-called burden survives the abortion, Obama, based on his record in Illinois is okay with infanticide. All because it would burden the original choice to kill the baby.

The other issue here is privacy. Will the Left, so staunch in its assertions of privacy when it comes to a woman’s choice, respect the privacy of Bristol Palin? Highly unlikely. It is always a double standard when it comes to this happening to a conservative. Case in point, the affair of John Edwards. It only took the media years to swing into action on that story. The media will write in this case, “ha, conservative hypocrits! Her own daughter got pregnant at 17. How conservative is that?” You see, the Left fails to realize that just because you have moral standards doesn’t mean you will always live up to them. This stems from the belief that humans are deeply flawed and will err. That does not mean you don’t promote good moral standards at all. For the Left it is better to not have such burdensome standards.

Lastly, the Left would be without its Messiah, the One from Hope and Change, Illinois, had Obama’s mother not decided to give birth to him at the age of 17. Where would the world be if she had decided Obama was “punishment?” This won’t stop criticism from the Left, blind in its pursuit for the White House and hatred for George Bush. Hypocrisy is no impediment for the Left.

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