Obama's plan will result in a permanent Democratic majority

Repubulicans don’t even realize what’s going on. The four-year plan of President Obama is to create a new, permanent Democratic majority that can NEVER be defeated. The math is quite simple.

We’re creating a European-style socialist system (long overdue, in my view) which assures that the majority of people are on the RECEIVING end of government benefits. These people will never, ever vote to cut off their flow of money. As in Europe, they’re obviously not going to slay the golden goose.

A minority (say, 40-45%) of people will HATE this. They are the ones who contribute more to the economy than they get back, essentially underwriting the socialist state. However, they won’t have the votes. They’ll be forced to grin and bear it, like their European counterparts.

Combine this with check card, Obama’s executive order on unions, billions for Acorn, and citizenship for undocumented migrants, and there you have it. A permanent Democratic majority at all levels of government, and a guaranteed eight years for Obama.

Even if the stimulus package fails, it won’t matter. First, the media will tread lightly. Second, it will make millions dependent on government (one way or another) and no matter how bad the economy gets, they won’t vote to kill their own jobs.

We might even get Obama a third term!