King Obama: Ruler of America

When are we going to wake up? The federal government controlled by the Democrats and the President has amassed more power then ever before! In the first 4 months of President Obama’s Presidency he has taken over the banks, taken over the American auto industry and gave most of the power to the unions (which donated over $40 million in last years campaign and now they want to get paid back), “reformed” the credit industry which penalizes responsible people and now wants to tax us for using carbon dioxide. Even though it has been proven that the earth has COOLED…yes cooled… in recent years but that’s a different blog. The President has now set his sites on forcing people to unionize and new health care whether you need it or not which would also raise our taxes. All this sound very bad but not as bad as what is happening now.


The media hasn’t been questioning this left wing government on any issues but that is not good enough for the White House. Now the White House has created its own media organization. President Obama invited the National Champion UConn Huskies woman’s basketball team to the White House. This is not unusual; you have seen many Presidents invite championship teams to the White House before. The only difference is you will not see it on your local news this time. President Obama did not allow the main stream media in at all. The new White House media organization recorded the whole thing. During this the President was shooting hoops with the team. There was not 1 shot shown of the President missing a basket. This might sound like a small thing but this is only the start. They will control everything now. The government is now the gatekeepers of all information. They will decide what you hear and what you don’t hear. This is tyranny disguised. There will be no images of the President that he doesn’t want you to see and there will be no opposition to his point of view. Later there was a cabinet meeting and the media was able to use video for a short time before the meeting but then was kicked out. The White recorded the rest and edited it themselves.


While all this is happening the Democrats are using the so called “Fairness Doctrine” to take all Conservative talk radio off the air. Again, the Democrats lead by President Obama does not want you to hear any opposing view points. This is nothing short of brain washing. It’s not like you read about in books or was horrified while watching a movie of some fictional tyrannical government far, far away. It is happening right before our eyes and we are letting it happen. Where does the line get drawn? Next, blogs like this one will be outlawed. Maybe people who write or speak about opposing view points will be jailed. We have to stop this starting with the 2010 election. All Conservatives must come out and vote! We need great Republican candidates so we can win some seats back in the Congress and then we need a great candidate to run against President Obama in 2012 so we can turn back all these Socialist/Marxist policies that was passed and policies that the Democrats will try to be pass within the next 3 years.