Spector brings us one step closer to tyranny!


Just a few weeks ago Senator Spector said something to the effect that all 41 Republican Senators are a national treasure and they represent a check on liberal bills. This is because if there is 1 less Republican in the Senate there will be no possibility of a filibuster and the Democrats will have full control in Congress and can pass all of President Obama’s far left liberal bills just like the last stimulus bill. The Democrats have many more socialist bills that they want to introduce because of Senator Spector’s switch.


So just a few weeks after his statement, Senator Spector has removed that check on the far left and opens the door on the liberal’s socialization of the America. If the Senator votes the party line this brings our country one step closer to socialism, one step closer to a tyrannical rule from this far left majority that has taken hold of our government. The Democrats won elections under the banner of bipartisanship but as we can see there has been no bipartisanship over the last 100 days.


Many people might think tyranny is too harsh of a word but I don’t think it is. These liberal/socialist bills make us, as a people; depend on the government for everything. If we don’t have a job, we can receive almost unlimited unemployment benefits, if a business is failing the government can bail them out and so on. On the surface this sounds good to most people but this takes away all incentive to do our best because there is always a government “safety net.” This is why socialist governments in Europe and South America are always at double digit unemployment rates. Even in the weak economy we have today in the United State we still have unemployment rate under 10%. Buried in the Obama stimulus bill was a paragraph that set the stage for a government run medical insurance plan that will take all choice away from the people from what doctor we have to the type of procedures we receive…even if you currently have medical benefits! As we depend on the government more and more the central government becomes more powerful and they become more involved in our everyday lives. This is tyranny! As Mark Levin says in his book Liberty and Tyranny; A Conservative Manifesto, “…history shows that man will starve and freeze if he relies on the government for his sustenance – and surrender his liberty as well.”