Why are we surprised?


I have to start by giving credit to President Obama. He is doing exactly what he said he was going to do during his campaign. Many people can’t believe the massive debt this administration is running up by unprecedented government spending and I have to admit that I found myself in disbelief at first but we all new this was going to happen. It was reported in the news and the then Senator Obama laid his plans out. Of course it was masked by the liberal media by his “bumper stick” campaign of “Hope” and Change” but we all really knew what was going on. Unemployment is rising, inflation is rising, we are borrowing and printing up money at a rate in which we have never seen before and we are taxing people who work while we are paying people who don’t work. There is no incentive to get a job! These economic policies are the same as socialist countries in Europe and South America where the unemployment is always at double digit rates. This is just the domestic policies.

The foreign policies are just as bad. President Obama recently embarked on his “apology tour” of Europe, the Middle East and South America where he has continually bad mouthed our country and apologized for the United States. He is reaching his hand in friendship to ruthless dictators like President Ahmadinajad, President Chavez and President Ortega. 3 men who have always berated the United States including President Chavez’s remarks that the United States caused 9/11. President Obama just sat there while President Ortega said horrible things about the United States including saying Puerto Rico should break away from the U.S. Keep in mind that Puerto Rico often votes on this and the last 3 times only 3% wanted to leave the U.S. After President Ortega said these things President Obama thanked President Ortega for not blaming him for the United States past actions. President Obama also accepted a socialist propaganda book on the oppression of South America by the United States. Unbelievable, right? No, not really. During the campaign President Obama said he was going to speak to these despicable leaders. There was also question about how President Obama felt about this country from not wearing an American flag on his lapel and from sitting in Reverend Wright’s church which had hate speech about America for over 20 years to when the 1st Lady said it was the first time she was ever proud of this country during the campaign. We all knew about this. Some of us chose to ignore this and others chose to watch the liberal media while they made excuses for his actions but deep inside we all knew what was going to happen.

Now…some Americans are protesting in “tea parties” around the country. Personally it is great to see this but the liberal media, entertainers and the Democratic party vilify these patriotic American who protest. I guarantee you if there were anti-war protests or anti-capitalism protests these people would have been treated like heroes but of course the liberal media did not have fair coverage. While all these protests are happening harmful economic policies are getting passed and we are now legitimizing these foreign dictators but the Obama administration says right wingers are terrorists! This whole situation would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

My final thought is that it is basically our fault. We (the country) voted in a liberal Senate, House and a President which was known as the most liberal Senator over the last couple of years. All I can do is wait for the 2010 elections and hope we elect more conservatives in the House and Senate and the 2012 Presidential election with the expectation of the Republicans putting up a strong candidate.