Election stats

Ok, by my calculations, the Republicans won:
–  62 House seats, with 5 more too close to call.  This is a potential 67-seat gain. (We lost three of our own seats; already factored into the total.)
–  7 governorships.  Republicans have a 30-19 advantage, with 1 independent.  However, the governorships we lost (VT, HI) are not as significant as the ones we won (MI, OH, PA) and held (FL).  This tally includes a Dem. victory in Illinois, where the Dem leads by a fraction of a percent.
–  6 senate seats.  This doesn’t include CO & WA, both of which may go to the Dems by less than 1 point.  Assumes Murkowski caucuses with Republicans.  Candidate recruitment may have cost us pickups in DE, CO, and NV.
–  More than 500 state legislative seats; do not have that data yet.  They and the governors will draw the congressional lines for the next 10 yrs.