Sharron Angle's campaign

The Angle campaign hasn’t mentioned the word ObamaCare yet. They haven’t mentioned the stimulus. They haven’t mentioned the AZ law. And they haven’t tied Reid directly to Obama so far (see Blount’s ad about Carnahan).

I’m getting a little worried. I sent them an email with my suggestions, and never got a response. Then, I called the campaign headquarters, and got a recorded message stating the operator was unavailable.

Reid has run relentless ads slamming Angle, using her own words (cutting her off mid-sentence, clearly quoting her out of context), yet she hasn’t hit back. Her ads have been softballs (“government is the problem, we the people are the answer”) that make me wonder who’s really advising her campaign.

The Tea Party Express inundated Vegas with ads on her behalf during the primary, and they were generally effective. I’m hoping they haven’t dropped off the planet now. (She ran a positive campaign during the primary.) I just hope Angle gets some serious, knowledgeable advisors in there who know how to fight hard – this is no time for a pleasant, friendly campaign. Reid is redefining the definition of dirty fighting – and it just may get him reelected.