Sen. Obama Needs to get a clue about economic history

Apparently Sen. Obama doesn’t have a clue about financial history. He made the comment that we are seeing worse events than the great depression. Actually, it took 3 years for the stock market to bottom out during the start of the great depression. Also inflation is currently in check, the value of the dollar is rising, and oil prices and wholesale gasoline prices are dropping. But if Obama continues to predict doom and gloom of course people will become pessimistic and believe his unfounded rhetoric. Just a quick look, 4 times this year, the dow fell close to 400 points, did that mean we were hitting the great depression each time. Here’s a scenario: If I have been investing since 1960 privately in the DOW 30 my rate of return would be 5-fold than if I trusted my money with government (Obama). Its funny that Sen. Obama claims Sen. McCain does not understand the economy, but obviously Obama has no clue either. Stop being sheep and vote who’s best for the country. – Senator John McCain

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