On Considering a Deliberate March into the Abyss

I had already mentally checked out two weeks ago and was ready for some mostly disconnected time on the family driving vacation when the once promising Chief Justice Roberts handed down the first of the two big rulings to end the session. Thankfully, I was successful at being mostly disconnected for at least the first four or five days so I missed much of the initial tidal wave of analysis and misanalysis…I haven’t read either opinion (I don’t really care to.) and I haven’t seen or read more than handful of headlines, pre-break teasers, and brief commentaries (I don’t really need to.). As a semi-alert member in good standing of the Country Class, I knew enough going in to know just how devastating these wrong decisions were to the long term viability of the American experiment. Regardless of the effectiveness of the linguistic gymnastics that must be used to justify rulings so counter to the charge of their office and the fundamental set-up of our federal government, the contempt that a fluent but consistently achievable working majority of the SCOTUS all too frequently shows for We the People is clearly evident. Their collective intellectual arrogance is as appalling as it is unwarranted….and unwise.

What follows if obviously more of a ramble than a well packaged position piece but there is a lot in here that I’ve wanted to say for quite some time.

“AMERICAN SOCIETY HAS LOST ITS MIND.” – Erick Erickson, The Wildfire Burns (1)

I did manage to flag a post by Mr. Erickson’s to come back to when I plugged back in. At the time something struck me about the paragraph that started as above and continued: “It has come unmoored. Deviant is normal and celebrated. Right is ridiculed. Evil is good and good is evil. These things sort themselves out over time.” Upon rereading it today, I do not object in the slightest to the language used but, at the time, the terms “lost” and “come” seemed to imply that this was accidental. Unfortunately, it was not. American society has been carefully and deliberately groomed to be “lost” and “unmoored”. Increasingly over many generations, and more efficiently since the Department of Education has solidified its positon, the “comprachicos of the mind” (2) have performed their mutilations on the minds of America’s children. It is only to a society populated by such pervasively deformed cognition that the nonsensical positons spouted for most left wing policies could be presented with equivalent, or even preferred, credibility* and a voting majority, to include many right of center, don’t seem to understand the detrimental effect those policies will have on the continuation of their liberties and don’t seem to care that those same policies will make similar liberties impossible for their children and grandchildren. And the spigot…our failed national educational system…for these deformed minds is still wide open. Consequently, things are going to continue to get worse for quite some time before the possibility of sorting out can even really begin.

So, with some help from Charles Murray (Coming Apart), the first point I’d like to draw in this exercise is:

Exhibit A: “A significant and growing portion of the American population [has lost] the virtues required to be functioning members of a free society.” The driving force behind this “loss” is still operating at full speed and, even if that force was eliminated or corrected today, it would probably take a minimum of two to three generations to begin a noticeable change in course. Consequently, the current and foreseeable future voting population will most likely NOT provide consistent corrective representation. At best, this will result in largely meaningless oscillations between Reid-Pelosi-ism and McConnell-Boehner-ism. Hurray for the status quo!!!**


Again, this is true but I am not comforted in the slightest. When these flames at our doorsteps burn out and the smoke sufficiently clears, we will see the high ground on all sides firmly occupied by the fully weaponized agencies and arms of our federal overlords. The IRS is, of course, the prime example for which the word “scandal” only minimizes reality and the phrase “ongoing congressional investigation / hearings” is only a ploy to stall a public from acknowledging reality. Just by what is known today (3) all American citizens should assume that the IRS is corrupt to the core and a hostile entity willing and able to take away any of their assumed constitutional rights.*** To borrow a quote from Solzhenitsyn, “I do not know whether this is truth or calumny…But I wouldn’t set out to look for proof either. Following the practice on [Lois Learner and others], I would propose that [we demand] they prove to us that this was impossible.” And do not think for a minute that this end there…the EPA is probably worse. I’ll resist a rant at this time on other rascals like the CBO**** and the list, most certainly, could go on and on and on…

Clearly, our system has been bending for quite some time (see Wilson, Woodrow) but Mr. Obama has clearly presided over the final decimation of what was left of the voluntary compact that allowed this republic to function as such. Repair is very unlikely at this point. Mr. Codevilla has ably pointed out that even complete electoral victory for the Country Class “surely would not…make America safe for self-governance because by carrying out its own ‘revolution from above’ to reverse the ruling class’s previous ‘revolution from above,’ it would [make] that ruinous practice standard in America.” (4)

The second point for this exercise can be summed up as:

Exhibit B: A significant and growing portion of the administrative “branch” of this government sees its mission as separating We the People from our liberties. This is intentionally structural and not easily affected (i.e. near impossible) at the ballot box. Consequently, I propose, the erosion of liberties at the hands of our employees will far outpace any conceivable sustained reform / rebirth through a comprehensive, non-Ruling Class program “to remove obstacles, to instruct, to reintroduce into American life ways and habits that had been cast aside.” (4) And if that accidentally leaves you with even a tiny bit hope, please go tally up the electoral votes for just the states that have been blue for each of the last six presidential elections. Again, get used to the status quo!!!


I have a fundamental disagreement with those in this neighborhood – both the honest believers and boisterous buffoons, alike – with the idea that we can meaningfully change things (in a useful timeframe given Exhibits A and B above) by winning the occasional primary with a more conservative candidate and then faithfully supporting the establishment candidate in the general election. Even in good years the success rate of this practice is very low and, once there, those “conservative wins” tend to turn into disappointments quite often. The effectiveness of a particular “conservative win” is commonly minimized by poor assignments from a petulant leadership. This alone often leads to shortened tenure for “our guys” and, as we see now, leadership will also stand up primary opposition to these “troublesome” few. (I will grant that the committee assignment game is just the way it works but funding a primary opponent from the coffers of a remote high ranking incumbent perverts the system and is a disgrace.)

In turn, supporting the establishment candidate after the primary only further entrenches more of the status quo with the power and finances of incumbency. For talking purposes, the overage tenure for a member of the House is five terms. I suspect that the average for an even moderately outspoken conservative in modern times is somewhat less than two terms. This would likely push the average for a Boehner-minion-type to something north of seven terms. [I know, that math really isn’t accurate, but you get the point. I hope.] Good luck changing course in that mess.


For decades now America has been wading into an abyss of grotesque societal degradation and growing governmental tyranny. For those willing to see it, this has clearly been a carefully choreographed charade pulled off with the persistent leftward forces of the Democrat Party doing the bulk of the work and with the right side of the Ruling Class offering token resistance (imagine the Progressives pushing a piano down a steep ramp with all their might while the Republicans push up from the bottom just enough to keep it from crashing through the wall at the bottom) and to ensure working majorities when required from the malleable center-right. The pace has certainly quickened in recent years but even the relatively increased momentum of these post-constitutional times is really only sufficient (by design, no doubt) to carry us out to the wickedest depths. Once stalled, the Ruling Class and the tyrannical bureaucratic superstructure will complete the consumption of the host…We the People. Only at that point can something new emerge…but history strongly hints that “liberty” will not likely be part of that new solution. And the longer it takes to the get to “rock bottom” the less “muscle memory” for rugged individualism and freedom will remain in the population. And that, my friends, is the lifeblood of American exceptionalism.

I posit that it is our duty to American posterity to either demand to stop the decline and turn back now or march on in with a deliberateness that intends on facing the worst as soon as possible and emerging on the other side.

The former, however unlikely, requires the election of a conservative President in 2016 and 2020 and as many conservative members of congress over the next three cycles as possible. These congressional election requirements are only realistic if we are fighting to replace Democrats…we cannot afford to put any more establishment Republicans in office and pretend that we have a chance to replace them next time around. Always remember Mississippi 2014.

The latter requires a Ruling Class, establishment-acceptable President in 2016 and/or 2020 and as many Democrat congress-critters as possible…we cannot afford to put any more establishment Republicans in office.

Looking into the most fearsome abysses of modern times, …historians see not beasts but faceless bureaucrats, not corpses but statistics, not willful acts of brutality and murder but the banal routine of everyday life, not gas chambers and gulags but military-industrial-geopolitical complexes. (5)

But what if this is not your ordinary “most fearsome” abyss. I suspect we’ve hit that level already and now “the abyss grows deeper and more perilous, with new and more dreadful terrors lurking as the bottom.” (5) With so much of the system working against us, it is time we use the few tools available to us to push the country to either extreme…liberty restored or collapse and rebirth…where a free society is at least conceivable. The orchestrated decline we are currently on is the worst possible course for We the People.

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. . . _ _ _ . . .    NOTES    . . . _ _ _ . . .

* If you can watch any one Josh Earnest answer or more than twenty six seconds of any MSNBC broadcast and not pick out at least two logical errors and/or factual inconsistencies that even my fifth grader could spot then I just might be talking about you.

** By “status quo” I specifically mean the slow, painful decline referenced in the subtitle above.

*** While they currently appear to be controlled by Democrats, weaponized agencies like the IRS should be a concern to Democrat voters/citizens also. As the decline continues it will become more apparent (and painful) to all that the divide is not really between Democrats and Republicans but between Ruling Class and Country Class. I should also note for those Democrat voters that the “country” in Country Class does not in any way denote “rural” and you are just as much at risk in the long run…and the extreme prejudice you will feel from a “monstrous bureaucracy” will be orders of magnitude worse than the perceived prejudice you infer from an old flag.

**** Not really. During and shortly after having PPACA rammed down our throats in 2010, I perceived the CBO (via the headline grabbing models it fabricated to show cost curve bending myths) as a very willing yet…wink, wink…passive whore used by the administration and Democrats in congress to provide fraudulent cover for reluctant Congress-critters to vote for this lie. Now, based on the revealed braggadocio of Mr. Gruber and the clear contempt all involved in the passage of PPACA clearly had (and still have) for American citizens, I am forced to presume that the CBO was much more active…such as actual two way coordination to properly fix & format inputs and even, gasp, falsification of results…and, again, we should demand that they “prove to us that this was impossible.”

. . . _ _ _ . . .

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