…and she hasn't learned a d*mn thing.

It’s hard to believe it has been over six and a half years since I, while still not fully awake on a Saturday morning, mistook FOX’s Dagan McDowell for a serious person and took to the RedState bandwidth to poke at her display of ignorance:

“…she was really quite adamant that we (the United States) need to increase gas taxes “to the hilt”…presumably to encourage [an] immediate reduction in our (the United States) demand for that vile substance because, all together now, WE ARE ADDICTED TO OIL.” (1)

In passing this last Saturday I caught part of a segment on Mr. Cavuto’s show and…amazingly…she is just as ignorant today. I won’t bother with transcribing quotes; the video is much better. [See link (2) below.] Watch for the numerous gracious bows to the omnipotent federal government while she continues to push for…you guessed it…higher gas taxes.

This time it’s for upkeep to the infrastructure and, because the federal government was the best and only vehicle to build that system half a century ago, they must be our go to guy for the maintenance…regardless of their more recent record. She is probably right that “the people who drive…are going to pay” for it but, again with no consideration for the 50 state laboratories, all our eggs must go in the federal basket. And somewhere in that zeal it appears that she doesn’t quite comprehend that those users are not cross country vacationers but the American workers delivering her food and lifestyle to her front door…and those costs get passed on to all of us.

Oh well, even after the better part of a decade sitting at a FOX business show desk with actual smart people, I guess we shouldn’t expect the Saturday morning comic relief to understand basic economics.

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(1) http://archive.redstate.com/blogs/ntrepid/2008/may/11/clarity_about_crude_addictions

(2) http://video.foxnews.com/v/3915151652001/new-calls-to-raise-federal-gas-tax-fuel-fierce-debate/?playlist_id=161430