Weekend Assignment: See Ignorance in Full Bloom on “Conservative” TV

I just happened to catch a short segment related to internet privacy just past the midpoint of the Charles Payne show on FOX Business. I’m sure the show will be replayed numerous times tonight and/or this weekend…this short segment is worth 5 minutes to watch.

Other that the obvious give away in the title above, I will reserve further comment (and potential tirade) for now…with any luck the entire conversation will be blanked from my memory banks by morning. But if you do get to see it, please come back here and try to spin that into a way to make me feel better about our future here in America.

Proud Redstate Member since April 2006…?

FOR ADDITIONAL ENTERTAINMENT: Here in the 2008 RedState archives is the last time an empty head on a FOX business show got me somewhat exercised:


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