A Much Different World…A Much Different Redstate

“When someone opens a conversation with a lie it’s difficult to take anything else they have to say seriously.” (1)

Substitute “national dialogue” for “conversation” in the above and I cannot imagine a more concise and almost polite way to explain why I have now mostly tuned out every inside-the-beltway rat*astard that doesn’t have the decency to keep his unseemly carcass hidden within the shameful confines of his overpriced office.  In case you’re wondering, I just finished reading Throw them All Out (2) and have redoubled my efforts to despise every last one of our Ruling Class overlords. (Does not include Ted Cruz.)   But, I digress.

Actually, that is the opening line to an old Redstate diary by Joliphant about global warming that just happened to conveniently fit into my mood.  I had come across a discussion somewhere today about “Philosopher Kings” and that sent me into my memory banks and the Redstate way-back machine (surprised it still exists?) to find that conversation.  Now, remember that was a loooooong time ago…you know, way back when some still thought Al Gore was a credible spokesman for a legitimate cause and it was funny to mock a chimp-like or clownish president…but, I highly recommend that you take some time and read through that 108 comment conversation (linked below)…the discussion, the arguments, the facts, the data, some familiar names, some long forgotten adversaries, …, … .  Maybe I just don’t see those diaries/conversations hidden in this fancy new format but I just don’t recognize THAT neighborhood here anymore (kinda feels like Detroit sometimes.)  Back then, those global warming debates occurred almost every weekend and similar conversations on other topics flowed through each week.  It was fun, it was serious, it was thoughtful, and…it was nice.

I miss my old Redstate.  I miss my old country.

Ntrepid Proud

Redstate Member since April 2006…?

(1) http://archive.redstate.com/blogs/joliphant/2007/feb/10/why_i_have_trouble_taking_global_warming_alarmists_seriously

(2) http://www.amazon.com/Throw-Them-All-Peter-Schweizer/dp/0547573146/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1376439581&sr=8-1&keywords=throw+them+all+out

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