Part 2 – Don’t be Fooled by Illusions of Convergence

In Part 1 I mentioned a habit I seem to have developed in recent times for long, family driving vacations…my special reading assignment. This tends to be a hardcopy of a specially selected longer text that gets read and highlighted in short segments (between distractions and emergency potty stops – 2 kids).  This method creates long pauses to ponder the reading…and ultimately, several repeat passes through the text to make sure I really got it all.

In recent times this has included, for example, The Comparchicos (Ayn Rand), Dictators and Double Standards (Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, Commentary), DDT: A Case Study in Scientific Fraud (J. Gordon Edwards, Ph.D.), The Auto Bailout and the Rule of Law (Todd Zywicki, National Affairs, March 2011), America’s Ruling Class – And the Perils of Revolution (Angelo M. Codevilla, The American Spectator, July 2010)…and several others I will need to dig out of the large stack in the closet.  All are worth your time to search out on-line and read for yourself…especially the last two now with some perspective to look back on the early Obama administration. This year’s was A World Split Apart (1), the text of an address by Alexander Solzhenitsyn at Harvard, June 1978, and it falls into that same category.

While Solzhenitsyn’s focus is on the split between the Western world and the Soviet Union, I fear that his wisdom applies equally well to today’s domestic split between the Ruling Class and the Country Class:

“Anguish about our divided [country is only quieted by] the theory of convergence between [the goals of the Ruling Class elites] and the [tax paying citizenry].  It is a soothing theory which overlooks the fact that these worlds are not at all [geared toward a common America]; [the vision of] neither one can be transformed into [that of] the other without the use of violence.”

Here, looking no further that current headlines regarding immigration reform (2), it is clear that they have every intention of continuing their crusade/charade (from both sides of the aisle) to do great violence to my rights.  I just hope it’s not too late to do greater violence to their collective electoral futures.

Solzhenitsyn also discusses the importance of the lawful basis of our society:

“Western society has given itself the organization best suited to its purposes, based, I would say, on the letter of the law.  The limits of human rights and righteousness are determined by a system of laws; such limits are very broad…Any conflict is solved according to the letter of the law…a society without any objective legal scale is a terrible one indeed…”

Now I must stop there and bemoan the fact that “the letter of the law” requires written law such as “we” now seem to be incapable of producing.  “Modern laws are primarily grants of discretion” (Codevilla) that most voting legislators have not actually bothered themselves to read and “all anyone needs to know about them is whom they empower” (Codevilla).  It should be clear to all by now that, since at least January 2009, the basis of American society resides on politically amorphous regulations and unaccountable bureaucratic temperament.

A terrible one indeed.

To be continued…(maybe?)


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(1) http://www.columbia.edu/cu/augustine/arch/solzhenitsyn/harvard1978.html

(2) http://ricochet.com/main-feed/Comprehensive-Betrayal/(page)/1

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