Part 1 - Unprecedentedly Corrupt

Nine days in to the American Heartland and back by car now ended, it is time to return from a very, very disconnected state to my (now normal) very disconnected state.  Aside from quick daily updates from Drudge-Instapundit-Redstate-Ricochet…following few links and even fewer comments (at Ricochet – the only place I bother to do so anymore – sorry Redsate)… my limited free time has been spent on The Forgotten Man (Shlaes) and this year’s special reading assignment: A World Split Apart (address by Alexander Solzhenitsyn at Harvard, June 1978).

As for your fast-paced, never-ending news cycle world, my perspective can be summed up in about thirty three borrowed words encountered during this disconnectedness:

“This administration is unprecedentedly corrupt, and the dam has burst.” (1)

Now, I know nothing about the author or his level of credibility and have never intentionally visited The Daily Caller, but the phrase used in the title above strikes me as both historically bold (in even semi-mainstream circles) and highly likely to be proved factual to all but the truest believers in very short order.  I would only improve on the phrasing by adding “by design’ but, of course, I remember observations by humble Redstaters regarding the emerging American Politburo (2) while the Un-man was still posing behind his toy “Office of the President-Elect’ emblem. As for the burst dam, I never again will underestimate the effectiveness of the conveniently incurious and complicit press to ignore and divert and, to switch metaphors, put the scandal-genie back in the bottle.  Don’t be surprised.

“Our country’s wound is mortal.” (3)

Turning back such an empowered ruling class and its bloated bureaucratic monster…against their collective will while at the controls of the ship of state…tends to be very hard to do peacefully.  Ironically, while the long, slow demise will be painful for us all, this transformation from above will hit the typical Obama voter hardest and longest. To paraphrase an Emma Goldman quote about communist Russia (via Shlaes), “I found reality in [Obama’s America] grotesque, totally unlike the great ideal that had borne me upon the crest of [Hope and Change] to the land of promise.”  Enjoy your Obama-phone.

“If you board the wrong train, there is no use running along the corridor in the other direction.” (4)

Not only did we board the wrong train, we got off at the first station, ignored the obvious damage all around us, and then re-boarded to continue the delightful journey. Per Solzhenitsyn, we know the destination: “Liberalism was inevitably displaced by radicalism, radicalism had to surrender to socialism and socialism could never resist communism.”

Inevitability is a heavy load.  I suspect over time all of your favorite “conservative” pols – except probably Sen. Cruz – will tire of running down that train corridor and leave office (by choice or vote) or give in…accepting that permanent, safe, and extremely profitable position in the beltway ruling class.  Again, don’t be surprised

Grotesque indeed.

To be continued…(maybe?)


Proud Redstate Member since April 2006…?

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