“The choice is made. The Traveller has come.”

And with that, Gozer the Gozerian (1) announces unstoppable horrors are quickly approaching. (Yes, in the end, the scariest of all evils is stopped but not before it gets really messy…as in “I feel like the floor of a taxi cab.“) It seems fitting that in the immediate chaotic aftermath of that “election” the voters are heard to say “We didn’t choose anything! … My mind’s a total void!” Thanks Blue State America.

But I do temper my ire slightly. Gozer had not commanded “CHOOSE OR PERISH!”. The Destructor clearly said “CHOOSE AND PERISH!” The future result was already inevitable.

With that in mind, the handy Ntrepid archives take me back to my state of mind earlier this year…before I went all-in (emotionally) with Mr. Romney and his general election message. (To stick with the Ghostbusters theme and script, “(desperately apologizing) I tried to think of the most harmless thing … something that could never destroy us…“.) Back in January, I ended a dairy titled “Facing Unpleasant Facts: My Country Right of Left(2) with this:

To get even more serious, I return to 1940 and Orwell:

“I don’t quite know in what year I first knew for certain that the present war was coming. After 1936, of course, the thing was obvious to anyone except an idiot”

I’ve touched on this before but the point should be stated as bluntly as possible: Our country and our world will be in worse shape in 2016 than it is today…no matter who occupies the White House a year from now. We are well beyond quick fixes; the questions we are answering this year have to do with the stability and trajectory of that future condition. It must be said with very little uncertainty that a second Obama term will find us in a continued, accelerated socialist death spiral. If you cannot see this today…for even all but the most extreme cheerleaders in the media hint at it frequently (at the very least, it shows in their eyes)…then you may very well be Orwell’s idiot. As for a Republican administration from the current viable crop, I don’t pretend for a minute that I wouldn’t be sitting here in 2016 greatly disappointed with what a President Gingrich or President Romney had done for four years but, at worst, the death spiral would be less steep and there would at least be some upside potential.

My greatest fear, however, it that the massive debt, uncertainty, and lack of leadership here and around the civilized world has already dealt war into the cards and that in 2016 all of us, like Orwell then, will know for certain it is coming. And then we will look back and realize that the big events…the misuse of TARP, the rape of the Chrysler bond holders, the quiet implementation of Obamacare under cover of blackmail/waivers, did not sufficiently stir us at the time but we were greatly exercised over the uncorroborated claim from the most biased of sources of a decade old request for an “open marriage”. Will our view through that filter allow us to see 2012 clearly or will that be re-written by then for our most comfortable consumption?

Once again, my expectations for my party and my country are very low in 2012.

Upon waking last Wednesday morning, my mindset is now mostly back to that very point. And if you wish to see the early symptoms of that “accelerated socialist death spiral” just scan through the list of layoffs announced “Within 48 hours of the takers overpowering the producers at the polls…” as assembled by Dave Carter (see link (3)).

I cannot resist quoting Mr. Carter yet again:

I’ve seen some back slapping and mutual congratulations amongst a few of my brethren on the road now that their guy won the election. I can’t help but look at the list of companies who are down sizing and notice those whose freight we carry. I wonder how many of these cheerful drivers just voted themselves out of a job? I wonder how many people look at the above list and notice the amount of cuts taking place in the medical industry. That can’t be good.

No worries, though, because even as all reality breaks lose, Dear Leader is on the case. He announced today that his flexibility includes the inflexible demand that tax rates go up for the people who do the producing and the hiring, virtually insuring still further layoffs and closures as businesses fight their government just to survive. “You know, at a time when our economy is still recovering from the great recession, our top priority has to be jobs and growth,” said the President, even as pink slips rain upon hapless hopey changers across the land, from bureaucracy to shining bureaucracy.

Alas, those last eight words…”across the land, from bureaucracy to shining bureaucracy”… provide a rather cumbersome ode to our very own Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

I repeat, foolish indeed. (4)


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