The Ntrepid Endorsement (Preview: Speaker Gingrich is NOT Up to the Task)

First, I must dispense with the formality of a few disclosures.  I am a conservative work in progress and leaning farther right all the time.  Therefore, it is probably impossible to find a candidate that would make me completely happy.

More, I am a (hopefully) recovering political masochist of sorts.  In the worst of times I forced myself to sit alone on a yearly basis and watch every Clinton State of the Union speech.  That kind of character building continued through the end of the Obama victory speech on November 4, 2008.  At that point, I realized the entirety of the American political class is beneath me.  As a result, I have devoted less than five cumulative minutes to these so-called debates this time around and have largely tuned out all of the detailed coverage…I get highlights only.  This long awaited and highly coveted endorsement comes from the gut.

The Set-Up

In the final hours before the most embarrassingly thin resume gained election to the world’s highest office with the support of 48% of voting Catholics (1)…and not long after we were all subjected to an insulting thirty minute infomercial in support of that candidate…a wise RedStater posted this:

“…until I heard about Mr. Obama, in his former life as a state legislator, not being able to find a reason to support something called the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

Although the passage of a few seconds or minutes makes any attempted distinction meaningless, this is specifically NOT ABOUT ABORTION. This is about LIFE. This is about a man…a father…who can somehow reconcile such a vote during his work day against even attempting to save such a baby with his Christian faith and his comfortable home life that evening with his lovely daughters laughing, playing, hugging, crying…and LIVING.

Whether this was an act based on pure conviction or nothing but a cold, calculated political maneuver, I can only conclude that it points to some very dark places in his heart.

So spare me the overproduced infomercial featuring the financially stressed yet over manicured single mom from a battleground state to show me how much you care about real people. Don’t tell me that you want the keys to the castle to enact some amazing plan…one that you failed to introduce in any form during your current tenure in the U.S. Senate…that will magically help struggling families buy more milk when you couldn’t care enough to vote in the affirmative on a bill to protect helpless, living children…a vote that should have been as reflexive as a New York City firefighter running into a burning building.

I’m not naïve enough to think that the United States will not have pro-choice/pro-abortion Presidents in the future but this man is simply too extreme for mainstream American voters to accept…if only issues like this had been given proper exposure during the campaign. While every recent Presidential election seemed to have focused too much on abortion politics to the detriment of much more important issues, this campaign season seems to have barely touched the issue leaving Mr. Obama’s wicked policy expansion largely hidden from his sycophantic herd.

I cannot tell you how disgusted I am by any American that would vote for this man while having full knowledge of this issue. Unfortunately, whether he is successful or not on Tuesday, there is a not-so-insignificant segment of half the American electorate that falls into that category. (Contemplate those numbers as you are mingling with fellow Americans at you[r] local market or taking a mental accounting of those around you with fading ‘CHANGE’ bumper stickers over the next four years.)

As for me, I am embarrassed for the people of Illinois for electing this man to high office. I am embarrassed for the Democrat party for nominating him for the highest office and for the American press for providing the cover needed to secure that position. And finally, I’m truly depressed with the irresponsible direction it seems the people of this country are choosing to head.” (2)

Nearly forty months later, the contempt is still intact.

The Endorsement

I have been intrigued by…if not a fan of…Newt Gingrich since I first became aware of him in late 1994 but, always in the back of my mind, I realized that that man…Speaker Gingrich…was not quite Presidential material.

This week we saw yet another devastating roundhouse from Candidate Gingrich with his quip at both the press and Mr. Obama regarding the former’s spinelessness with respect to protecting babies alive outside the womb.   As they say, he fights.  But this really is not new.

What is new is a (maybe) subtle but not insignificant change in character.  Maybe it’s an aging that brings wisdom and perspective and a sharper focus.  There is obviously a past…a record…and some dirt…accumulated over a life within the walls of power, temptation, and corrosiveness. Occasional modern missteps continue to make me cringe.  However, it is this older Newt…Grandpa Newt…that still retains this fighting spirit and, dare I say, mean streak that draws my attention and my support.  I want this type of fight in the man to support his Supreme Court nominees against Borkian attacks and every manufactured Abu Ghraib / domestic spying / Valerie Plame –type scandal.

No, I don’t doubt there is similar character in both Misters Santorum and Romney but I sense both would be more calculating in their expenditures of political capital than the Grandpa Newt I see on this campaign trail.  Any of the three would be a huge step up from the coward skewered by Mr. Gingrich’s debate comments but I sense a “leave it all out on the field” mentality coming from the man with the fortitude to put that on the table in such a big way.

So there you have it…however thinly supported or misinformed it is…the official 2012 Ntrepid endorsement for the Republican nomination for the office of President of the United States:  Grandpa Newt.

Proud Redstate Member since April 2006…?

PS. Sorry Senator Santorum but I have a long memory…the robbery that was Nebraska vs. Penn State 1982 still requires points to be deducted.  Keep fighting…that stain may yet fade.

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