Passing the Torch: Twelve Words that Should Terrify the Civilized World

Buried way down in the eighth paragraph of the Micheal Rubin piece titled “Iran’s Nuclear Project – The IAEA’s report on the Iranian nuclear bomb was predictable and inevitable(1) is the passage reference in the only-slightly-overstated title above:

“…Van Diepen, whom Secretary of State Clinton has taken under her wing…”

Those who know me best may initially think that I am referring primarily to the four word cabinet official description but they would be wrong. It is as backhanded as I can possibly make it but she is arguably the most respectable among any cabinet member who has served this President.  However, as I’ve discussed before (2), her in that position is still a joke of epic proportions:

“My focus is on two occasions when this woman was presented with positions of either great responsibility and/or great importance in deciding the path history would take in both legal and political realms and the decisions she made.  The first revolves around her highest profile experience to utilize her ‘brilliant’ legal mind.  Her Watergate experience had potential to be celebrated on high by lefties everywhere but, instead, it earned her the recommendation of being not suitable for ‘any future position of public or private trust’ (3) and is mostly forgotten to history.   A few more details from her boss to complete the picture:

‘Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said in an interview last week. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.’ (4)

The second occasion is her testimony under oath during the Travelgate investigation…you know, the testimony in which her statements, under oath, were patently false (5).  Again, she’s a liar and both situations demonstrated her complete contempt for the American systems of law and government.”

But, I digress.

No, this time my focus is on the (unfortunately) anonymous sounding two words “Van Diepen” and the implication that the good Madam Secretary is passing the not-suitable-for-any-future-position-of-public-trust torch to a hand chosen successor who is demonstrably worthy of the badge.  If the words “Van Diepen”…as in Vann H. Van Diepen…are not familiar to you, unfortunately you are not alone.  Along with a Mr. Thomas Fingar and Mr. Kenneth Brill, Mr. Van Diepen bears responsibility for the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate.

For those not familiar with this fraudulent document from the tyrannical senior bureaucratic chambers of our own government, I strongly urge you to familiarize yourself with the first chapter of Bill Gertz’s book “The Failure Factory – How Elected Officials, Liberal Democrats, and Big Government Republicans are Undermining America’s Security and Leading us to War(6).  Here, however, I’ll stick with Mr. Rubin’s words (emphasis added):

“Much of the 2007 NIE was fiction. The biggest difference between the 2003 NIE and its 2007 counterpart was the conclusion that Iran had stopped its weapons program. The 2007 NIE, however, went beyond normal intelligence analysis and actively sought to guide policy. Against a backdrop of speculation that Bush might use military force against Iran, the 2007 NIE concluded that Iran’s supposed decision to cease nuclear-weapons work was a result of diplomacy. Therefore, the estimate concluded, Iran was susceptible to diplomatic persuasion. If this was the consensus opinion of the intelligence community, it was a deeply flawed and tenuous conclusion. After all, 2003 also coincided with Iran’s shock at the speed with which American troops occupied Iraq and ended Saddam’s quarter-century rule. American troops had done in three weeks what Iranian troops had failed to do in an eight-year war. By falsely endorsing diplomacy’s effectiveness, committing America to an ineffective strategy for years to come, the 2007 NIE represented an intelligence failure whose repercussions may be even more devastating than the CIA’s failure to accurately access Iraq’s weapons-of-mass-destruction programs ahead of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The 2007 NIE’s conclusions led the Bush administration to reinvigorate diplomacy. This enabled Tehran to run down the clock to the verge of nuclear capability.”

Read the whole thing.

Mr. Gertz refers to this episode as “bureaucratic betrayal” but that is just too soft for me.  These men didn’t betray  just a person…their boss…the President…they “betrayed” the lawful workings of the United States government as chosen by We the People.  They assumed responsibility far above their pay grade…they betrayed their country…and there is a much stronger word for that.

And did I mention that the Secretary of State seems to see (and want to groom) a bright future in one of these schmucks.

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