Smashing World Views…or, at the very least, Picking on the Defective Ones

This week a very complex series of events clumsily rolled up into one word – Egypt – smacked President Obama and his whole administration in the face with a heavy dose of reality.  This morning the Washington Post (via Instapundit (1)) soft pedaled the response as a “cautiously shifting world view”. (No, I didn’t read anything past the title at that link.)  That may be the outwardly visible skit being presented and parroted but somehow I feel a much sharper sting of a collapsing world view is sinking in at the highest levels of our government.  (If it isn’t happening, someone better get that ball rolling.)


These stings seem to be happening more often these days.  One very potent one was delivered just yesterday by Victor Davis Hanson in his Works and Days column.  (If you don’t already visit that site twice a week for some reality, perspective, and calibration with respect to current events…you should.)  But before I serve up his most recent masterpiece, here is a quick review of some past Hanson zingers for a warm up.


First, the unfortunate case of a standard bearer for a particular world view finding his name used as a convenient and appropriate descriptor for ruling class participants in corrupt crony socialism:


“This is a continent of Tom Daschles, who win by being exempt from the burden of government that they subject on others, and win again by having the contacts to sort out government contracts to crony-businesses.” (2)


Next, a very concise jab at typical Hollywood hypocrisy:


“…all parasitic on the very culture they mock.” (3)


Finally, a direct shot at the One himself and his ruling class elitism and rather arrogant and simplistic “not Bush” approach to leadership (think Guantanamo, renditions, tribunals, etc.):


“Wanting something to end, and being the right sort to want something to end, surely were to be synonymous with something ending.” (4)


These all still make me giggle…but if I had a more progressive disposition (and if it weren’t (nearly) impossible to maintain at least a modicum of intellectual honesty/consistency at the same time) the underlying truisms that lead to such commentary just may initiate a sudden unraveling of much of my world view.  That fact is that, while we all may not express them with doctoral level phraseologies, a newly awakened citizenry from coast to coast now spots these very themes very easily…even in cleverly presented MSM “news” stories.  Even worse, the total awareness of seeing through the BS also serves to reinforce the growing contempt so many already have for these traditional media sources.  The movement is alive.


That should do it for warm up material…on to the thrashing that motivated me to post something today.  Here is yesterday’s very blunt, very direct assault on the core of modern American liberalism and the anti-Americanism that always stands hand-in-hand with it.  Brace yourself:


Finally, multiculturalism is a form of political and historical ignorance. The multiculturalist is an ahistorical fool, who confuses the cultural periphery with the core. Thus the United States is enriched by “multicultural” music, food, fashion, art, and literature from a Mexico or Kenya or Egypt. Fine, wonderful, all the better. But one, in the spirit of “diversity,” does not wish to embrace the Mexican judiciary, the Kenyan econo mic system, or the Arab attitude to women. Multiculturalism is a fraud of sorts, as the activist who wears the serape to campus never quite agitates for adopting the protocols of the Mexican police or the Mexico City elite’s approach to Indian peoples. We do not see signs blaring out: “We want Nigerian speech codes,” “Treat women as they do in Saudi Arabia,” “Look to the Iranians for gay rights,” “Arabs had the right idea about slavery,” etc. When I do radio talk show interviews, usually the harshest U.S. critics are transplanted Middle Easterners who in their furor at American foreign policy never quite explain why they left and do not go back to places that they now idolize — as if the economic, political, and cultural protocols they enjoy here would appear in Gaza or Yemen like dandelions after a rain if it were not for U.S. imperialism. (5)





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