“The Voice of Reason is Small, but Very Persistent”

Although our ruling class and its subsidiary in the presumptuously self-positioned intellectual-media class seem unable to understand or deliberately unwilling to acknowledge the essence of the current radically decentralized (1) but very large contrarian movement, an overarching sense…actually an urgent plea… for “reasonableness” is fundamental to the movement’s soul for anyone willing to look past the thin and embarrassingly disingenuous popular media portrayal.  History…even the very near term writing of it…will be much more honest and accurate.  (How could it not be?)


To be sure, our despicable Fourth Estate would have preferred to ignore…or mock into irrelevancy…this movement a year and a half ago and surely would have if not for the immense number of these small voices.  This persistence through numbers and “radically decentralized” nature have so far been a sufficient life force for a still infant movement.  While still critical, it is doubtful this will be enough to ensure longevity beyond Election Day.


Realizing that no matter how good or bad the results, on the morning of November 3rd absolutely nothing will have been accomplished…as in realized results…to directly make our current situation any better on the fiscal or freedom fronts.  Real momentum is required as events move into 2011 and with this I turn to one of my favorite quotes to nurture my own optimism:


“Revolutions, it is commonly observed, often break out not when circumstances are next to intolerable but when conditions begin rapidly to improve.” – Robert Bork, Slouching Towards Gomorrah


The perception that “conditions [are] begin[ing] to rapidly improve” needs to spread quickly during the next legislative session.  As many have already made clear, this means both legislative victories and failures that put the enemies of freedom, responsibility, and reason on record over and over again all the way to 2012.  I fear our current ruling class (of both parties) doesn’t truly appreciate the soul of this movement or the power of its millions of persistent voices.   They need to be constantly reminded…or and (eventually) removed. 


As they say: Endeavor to Persevere.




I cannot help but add a few gold nuggets from the Hitchens book and chapter noted below that I choose via my “[edits]” to read great import into with regards to 2010 America.  The first is from a discussion of “conscience”:


“Its existence guarantees nothing in itself, and the catalytic…moment only occurs when [individuals prepare] to cease being the passive [Lower Orders] and to become instead [armies of reasonable voices].”


See my previous diary for the “Lower Orders” reference via Orwell. (2)


The next comes from a paragraph on “human nature”:


“…it was wrong to endorse the lazy proposition that ‘You can’t change human nature’. … Ought not the corollary to hold – that if it can be altered one way it surely can be altered the other? … It is those who hope to transform humans [and societies] who end up by burning [or starving] them, like the waste product of a failed experiment.”


Although written in 2001, it’s hard not to appreciate the usage and close proximity of the words “hope” and “transform”.  (Fundamentally, I presume.)  While I don’t attempt to equate today with the magnitude of historical failed experiments, I do insist on recognizing a consistent evil nature.  The “With an Iron Fist, We Will Lead Humanity to Happiness” gulag sign was certainly hung with an implied “or else”. 


Also, in the paragraph leading into this, he issued “Bear in mind, however, that Utopia itself was a tyranny…”. Priceless!  Wasn’t that in the small print on the Seal of the President-Elect?


Lastly, I’ll reach back to the closing paragraph of the previous chapter:


“Only one other sacred text mentions “happiness” without embarrassment. But even in 1776, this concept was thought to be mentionable only as the consequence of a bitter struggle, just then being embarked upon.  The beautiful word “pursuit”, however we construe it, would be vacuous in any other context.”


So far this has been a “Party”.  You know what is ahead.



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Note: Diary title taken from passage on Freud’s memorial in Vienna as quoted by Christopher Hitchens in “Letters to a Young Contrarian”.  It was my reading of his Chapter IV early this morning that sparked my mind to ramble on this topic here.


(1) Borrowed this descriptor from a Sunday morning talking head a few weeks back.


(2) http://www.redstate.com/ntrepid/2010/10/16/profiles-in-arrogance-a-brief-commentary-on-understanding-our-progressive-ruling-class-and-how-they-destroyed-america/